Instituto San José de Calasanz – Student Communication Consultant & Editor (Georgia State University)

As a Georgia State University M.A. in Mass Communication Candidate in the Public Relations for Non-Profits International Course, I performed the following functions:

  • Assessed communication needs of Instituto San José de Calasanz through research and interviews.
  • Developed a communications plan including supporting objectives and tactics.
  • Began implementation of communications plan to improve the school’s outreach, marketing, volunteer presence, and financial support.

Below are examples of the skills (listed alphabetically) obtained from the course:

Adaptability & Flexibility: Quickly familiarized Cuenca’s cultural, social, and professional customs for school and work.

Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Skills: Practiced critical, yet swift thinking and analyzing to maintain a smooth completion of tasks, as issues arose.

Global Awareness: Experienced the distinction between American norms vs. those of other countries and increased desire to learn and appreciate customs of other countries including language and social customs.


Increased Initiative: Increased initiative to conduct research and use human and technical resources to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

International Communication: Learned to effectively communicate without being fluent in the native language (Spanish), using body language, senses, and other resources. Demonstrated the ability to effectively work with people from different countries including those with disabilities.

Leadership: Managed and advised group assignments to ensure the completion of work and meeting of deadlines. Organized and edited final assignment for submission.


Time Management: Demonstrated the ability to develop an in-depth communication plan in a limited amount of time.

Volunteer: Spent time assisting disabled students with artwork and games and was reminded of the gift in giving.

Ecuador Gabby
Painting with Gabby!
A final song performance with the Instituto San José de Calasanz students.

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