Campus Talk Blog – Social Media Campaign Student Account Manager & Editor (Georgia State University)


As a Georgia State University M.A. in Mass Communication Candidate in the Public Relations Campaigns Course, I performed the following functions:

  • Designed a Communications Campaign for Campus Talk Blog’s (CTB) social media relaunch.
  • Refocused the company’s communication functions by recommending strategies and objectives to increase its audience.
  • Facilitated group functions and managed research, information organization, and editing.


Below are examples of the tasks (listed alphabetically)  completed during the course:

Branding: Designed branding tools (t-shirts, coffee mugs, ink pens, etc.) to expand organization’s brand recognition.

Communication Campaign: Formalized a plan to introduce CTB’s new social media and to strengthen its audience engagement.

Editing: Proofread and organized group’s final document for accuracy before submission.

Evaluation Kit: Produced an evaluation template for CTB to gage audiences and adapt to  audience’s feedback for more appealing content.

Market Research: Investigated similar blogs to measure CTB’s presence in the industry and made recommendations for improvement.

S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats) Analysis: Surveyed CTB’s communication strategies and advised the company of current trends to improve it.

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