2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year

2017 Taught Me...: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year Each year we should aim to make it better than the last, just as each day should be better than yesterday! 2016 was a year of transition, but 2017 was “The Glo Up!” (as my line sister Jadeah titled it for me - and I … Continue reading 2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year


10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE Rule No.1: Everyone isn’t going where you’re going. Don’t try to force people you “love” (i.e. Family, Friends, Part-Time Baes, Associates, etc.) to join you. They have a life, too, and everyone does NOT have the same destination. Rule No. 2: Wide loads can’t always fit down the … Continue reading 10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE

Mind Over Matter: Be Present

Mind Over Matter: Be Present Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why it is called the "PRESENT". -King Fu Panda The present of the PRESENT!   Many of us have probably found ourselves dwelling in the past or overly concerned with the future.  The past: "What if I … Continue reading Mind Over Matter: Be Present

3 Men’s Department Must Haves

3 Men’s Department Must Haves I love shopping!!!... Well, I love it when I have money of course! (LOL) And I’m the type of person who can literally shop at any store in multiple departments and find a trendy deals! Recently, I’ve been straying more to the men’s department for styles that are absolutely timeless. … Continue reading 3 Men’s Department Must Haves

Unpack Those Bags Girl

Unpack Those Bags Girl Back in the day, I used to return from vacation and leave my bags packed. By only removing the bare necessities, I’d leave those little green suitcases in the floor for days upon days. Finally, whenever I got tired of tripping over the bags while trying to cross the room, of … Continue reading Unpack Those Bags Girl

We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

We Call This Here A Little "Trimmy Trim Trim!" Today I got my hair trimmed! What a blessing a good trim can be to hair!   A good trim can even the ends and allow for a more flattering and aesthetically appealing hair style, but believe it or not a trim prevents damage, breakage, and … Continue reading We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops

Don’t Shop 'Til the Price Drops Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Well, if you don’t you probably should stop reading now (LOL), but as for me, I can shop all day any day! I find myself eyeballing price tags and browsing clearance merchandise whether in a brick and mortar or online store. With a … Continue reading Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops