We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

We Call This Here A Little "Trimmy Trim Trim!" Today I got my hair trimmed! What a blessing a good trim can be to hair!   A good trim can even the ends and allow for a more flattering and aesthetically appealing hair style, but believe it or not a trim prevents damage, breakage, and … Continue reading We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

Sit Your Single Butt Down

SIT YOUR SINGLE BUTT DOWN Want to hear a funny story? You're still reading so sure you do! (LOL) Picture it... little ol' anxious me at the airport walking up the to counter to request a "peanut/dust allergy" notice for my flight and... Desk attendant: "What is your name?" Me: "Verinique Bailey." Desk Attendant: (picks … Continue reading Sit Your Single Butt Down

Stamped and Approved

Stamped and Approved Ever felt like you needed approval to ensure you were doing something right? Needed someone to say congratulations or job well done? Desperately wanted someone to pat you on your back or give you a high five? Well, what would you do if the stamp of approval never came? If no one … Continue reading Stamped and Approved

Finders Keepers

Ever heard the saying, "Finders keepers, losers weepers!"? Ever considered that it relates to more than just the tangible things in life? For example, you lose a dollar or your favorite ink pen and someone else finds it, whoopty doo for them! Who really cares? Those are physical things, capable of being touched and replaced... … Continue reading Finders Keepers