Sit Your Single Butt Down

SIT YOUR SINGLE BUTT DOWN Want to hear a funny story? You're still reading so sure you do! (LOL) Picture it... little ol' anxious me at the airport walking up the to counter to request a "peanut/dust allergy" notice for my flight and... Desk attendant: "What is your name?" Me: "Verinique Bailey." Desk Attendant: (picks … Continue reading Sit Your Single Butt Down

I'll Be Mine: 7 Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day

I'll Be Mine: 7 Things to Do if You're Single on Valentine's Day This year marks the first year of me not having a Valentine in four years and boy what a time to be single! His loss, right? RIGHT! (LOL) But anywho, myself, like many of you I'm sure, will be spending Valentine's Day … Continue reading I'll Be Mine: 7 Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day

"I Got Options, Boo!"

"I Got Options, Boo!" Funny story! I haven't wrote a blog in a while because I was tired of God making me live out what I wrote! Literally, it's like He brings my words back to me EVERY time and sometimes it's tougher than others to practice what I preach, so I've been scared! 🙄 … Continue reading "I Got Options, Boo!"

The #ThankYouProject

The #ThankYouProject Thank you! Though a simple phrase to say, you'd be surprised how many people don't practice saying thank you on a regular basis. In multiple conversations that I've had in the past I realized that many people became both appreciative and frustrated with the topic of thank yous. In their opinion thank yous … Continue reading The #ThankYouProject