3 Men’s Department Must Haves

3 Men’s Department Must Haves I love shopping!!!... Well, I love it when I have money of course! (LOL) And I’m the type of person who can literally shop at any store in multiple departments and find a trendy deals! Recently, I’ve been straying more to the men’s department for styles that are absolutely timeless. … Continue reading 3 Men’s Department Must Haves

Unpack Those Bags Girl

Unpack Those Bags Girl Back in the day, I used to return from vacation and leave my bags packed. By only removing the bare necessities, I’d leave those little green suitcases in the floor for days upon days. Finally, whenever I got tired of tripping over the bags while trying to cross the room, of … Continue reading Unpack Those Bags Girl

5 Tips to Make the Most of Lengthy Flights

5 Tips to Make the Most of Lengthy Flights 1. Ready, Set, READ! READ! Many of us probably don't read as much as we should, but there is a sense of peace that comes from being in the clouds, which presents the perfect opportunity for reading. Take a new book or magazine along for the … Continue reading 5 Tips to Make the Most of Lengthy Flights

Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops

Don’t Shop 'Til the Price Drops Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Well, if you don’t you probably should stop reading now (LOL), but as for me, I can shop all day any day! I find myself eyeballing price tags and browsing clearance merchandise whether in a brick and mortar or online store. With a … Continue reading Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops

For Your Protection: A Review of 5 of the Protective Styles We LOVE

For Your Protection: A Review of 5 of the Protective Styles We LOVE Protective Styles are great options for special occasions, vacations, and just breaks for your natural hair. Here are some of my experiences, including pros and cons, with Goddess Braids, Cornrows, Faux Locs, Box Braids, and Clip-Ins! Be sure to comment below and … Continue reading For Your Protection: A Review of 5 of the Protective Styles We LOVE

"I Got Options, Boo!"

"I Got Options, Boo!" Funny story! I haven't wrote a blog in a while because I was tired of God making me live out what I wrote! Literally, it's like He brings my words back to me EVERY time and sometimes it's tougher than others to practice what I preach, so I've been scared! 🙄 … Continue reading "I Got Options, Boo!"

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself I love having talks with my girlfriends! I feel like my attempts to be “motivational” or “encouraging” in our conversations often lead to the BEST writing inspirations! (LOL) It is my guilty pleasure! But recently, I found myself encouraging myself while attempting to encourage a friend. Long story short we were talking about times … Continue reading Forgive Yourself