PREPARATION FOR YOUR MANIFESTATION One of my FAVORITE songs in the world is from Jill Scott’s Woman album and is entitled “Prepared”! For a while I was listening to it on repeat every day, but now I find myself singing it often. In the song, the Philadelphia native speaks of the PREPARATION for her MANIFESTATION. … Continue reading PREPARATION FOR YOUR MANIFESTATION

God I Hear You, But I'm Not Listening!

God I Hear You, But I'm Not Listening Ever knew God was telling you to do something, but you just refused to listen? In grade school I learned the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is simply a sense. Many of us can hear naturally and it's not something that we have to focus on … Continue reading God I Hear You, But I'm Not Listening!

Son Shine Smiles

Son Shine Smiles I remember driving one day with my mind all over the place! Worried about this... Contemplating that... Fearful about this... Stressed about that! Barely pushing the pedal with Kirk Franklin playing in the background. Just hoping for a miracle! Whole life full of chaos, feeling consumed by the worries of the world … Continue reading Son Shine Smiles

Finders Keepers

Ever heard the saying, "Finders keepers, losers weepers!"? Ever considered that it relates to more than just the tangible things in life? For example, you lose a dollar or your favorite ink pen and someone else finds it, whoopty doo for them! Who really cares? Those are physical things, capable of being touched and replaced... … Continue reading Finders Keepers