3 Men’s Department Must Haves

3 Men’s Department Must Haves I love shopping!!!... Well, I love it when I have money of course! (LOL) And I’m the type of person who can literally shop at any store in multiple departments and find a trendy deals! Recently, I’ve been straying more to the men’s department for styles that are absolutely timeless. … Continue reading 3 Men’s Department Must Haves

Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops

Don’t Shop 'Til the Price Drops Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Well, if you don’t you probably should stop reading now (LOL), but as for me, I can shop all day any day! I find myself eyeballing price tags and browsing clearance merchandise whether in a brick and mortar or online store. With a … Continue reading Don’t Shop ‘Til The Price Drops