CityPASS: The Key to the City


CityPASS: The Key to the City

For the Travel Bug! Wanderlust! Itchy Feet! And all others who LOVE to travel and will do most anything for the chance to plan our next girl’s trip, rendezvous, or weekend getaway… if you want the keys to the city, try CityPASS!

Whether its Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, New York City, or more, CityPASS provides the convenient bundling of major attractions to save money and enhance your tourist experience.

I’ve used CityPASS in Dallas, twice in Atlanta, and most recently in New York City. The website lists over 10 destinations, inside and outside of the United States, and gives the option of 3-5 or more attractions at each including museums, national parks, zoos and aquariums, studio tours, observation decks and more.

How it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your destination
  3. Pay one price for multiple attractions
  4. Get your city pass via email or pick it up at any of the listed attractions
  5. Select which places you want to visit based on the options
  6. Experience your destination like never before!


CityPASS Benefits:

See & Do More: When your trip is planned well, you can maximize your time. CityPASS gives you options of things to infuse between dining and shopping, thus helping you plan the perfect vacation.

Bundled Pricing: Not only will bundled pricing save you money, but it’ll technically give you more money to do other things with! Duhhh!

Advanced Lines: Certain sites allow CityPASS holders to skip long lines and make advanced reservations.

Attractive Options: Each destination has different options to choose from. Where 2-3 sites on each pass may not be optional, the other 2-3 are, thus allowing you to customize your experience based on your personal interests.

Conveience: CityPASS lasts for 9 days after its first use, giving you plenty of time to enjoy its perks!

Coupons: Did I mention savings? CityPASS booklets often feature coupons to attractions that you didn’t choose and even retailers like Macy’s.


From one travel bug to the next, I know what it is like to travel on a budget, but still desire to do and see a lot! CityPASS is perfect for individual or group use and is sure to leave you feeling like you’ve truly experienced your destination.


Be sure to check out the following blogs for more insight on CityPASS experiences in the cities:

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Dallas Daze: For the Best Dallas Experience

NYC in 3: How I Experienced the Best of New York City in 3 Days!


Share your experiences with CityPASS below and be sure to subscribe and share with your friends!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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