2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year


2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year

Each year we should aim to make it better than the last, just as each day should be better than yesterday! 2016 was a year of transition, but 2017 was “The Glo Up!” (as my line sister Jadeah titled it for me – and I couldn’t agree more!)

Through the many lessons learned this year (literally had a list of over 10 BIG ones!), I’ll conclude with these five to best sum up what a FABULOUS journey filled with learning that 2017 was!

1. “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” – I’ve been reminded that opportunities do come to those who are patient, but who are working while they’re waiting. The only way to be READY is to stay ready, otherwise you might miss your chance!

2. “You have not because you ask not!” – People can’t read my mind and closed mouths do not get fed. This year challenged me to come out of my shell and make my requests known, which prompted some pretty dope results! (Thanks Mommy!)

3. “Whom the son sets free is FREE indeed!” (John 8:36) – This year I challenged myself to become content with being alone. Friendships can fail, families can fuss, hearts can be broken, but at the end of the day YOU MUST BE ABLE TO STAND ALONE! I learned to appreciate my alone time and to cultivate positive relationships with family and friends. I finally felt the FREEDOM of truly releasing toxicity from my life and living to the fullest!

4. “Energy is contagious!” – I’ve learned to be careful about choosing who I surround myself with and what they are pouring into me and I in them! It is important to protect your mind, peace, space, thoughts, ideas, faith, dreams, goals, and even your time! I’ve learned to value each of these things a bit more and to attract the kind of energy that will motivate and support me and to repel any that does not! After all, what you give is what you will attract so positivity is key!!!

5. “I think I can I think I can!”…  I KNOW I CAN AND I WILL! – Self-doubt can be a silent killer to goals and dreams and it is one that I’ve struggled with and worked hard to kill this year! It’s been a bit challenging, but worth the fight. My mind has finally shifted from “I think and I want to…” to “I CAN AND I WILL!” And there’s no turning back!

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m excited to continue learning and growing in 2018! While I won’t share a list of my goals (as I’m still getting them together and I’m sure we don’t need to be overwhelmed with everyone else’s goals if we are trying to determine our own! – LOL), I trust that God will continue lead me. I pray that 2018 is a blessing for you also and that we continue to walk out this thing called life in the most FABULOUS way! God bless you all!!!

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By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”



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