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Rule No.1: Everyone isn’t going where you’re going.

Don’t try to force people you “love” (i.e. Family, Friends, Part-Time Baes, Associates, etc.) to join you. They have a life, too, and everyone does NOT have the same destination.

Rule No. 2: Wide loads can’t always fit down the road. Pack Light!

You cannot pick up everyone you know and love, your life is not a bus! Too much weight (as in too many people, baggage, etc.) will weigh you down and make it more difficult to reach your destination.

Rule No. 3: Beware of the Hitchhikers.

Some folks need a ride long enough to come up… enough said! #MESSAGE

Rule No. 4: Better Call AAA!

You are not a Ms. Fix It or a Captain Save A “Friend”, you can’t always pull over to try to help everyone in need. One of my favorite sayings that I’ve learned is “You can’t pour from an empty vessel”. Know your limits! Sometimes the best help you can give is to put people in contact with those who can really help them.

Rule No. 5: I got $5 on it! Ask folks for their gas money, honey!

Relationships should be reciprocated (not always 50/50 depending on the need, but people should at least prove that they value their place in your life)! You cannot afford to be out here giving rides in your life for free. Make folks earn their keep.

Rule No. 6: Seat belts please!

If the people riding with you aren’t buckled up and willing to go through the bumps and bruises with you, you may need to drop them off before the curvy roads ahead.

Rule No. 7: Pull over and take a rest if you’re sleepy, but DO NOT let others drive.

NO 👏🏽 ONE 👏🏽 ELSE 👏🏽 CAN 👏🏽 DRIVE 👏🏽 YOUR 👏🏽 LIFE!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Once you hand over those keys you may never get them back. Do not burn yourself out with trying to go nonstop, then give others permission to help you make it to your destination. Stop. Rest. Then go again.

Rule No. 8: GPS (God’s Plans’ System) is the only guide you need!

Don’t let granny in the back seat tell you her map from ‘63 can take you where you need to go. New maps have been crafted child, take it easy! Just tell them you’ve got this and keep pushing.

Rule No. 9: Don’t try to rush to your destination so fast that you miss the beauty in the journey.

Even when you are re-routed look around you. There’s beauty to be observed in your struggle! And there will be multiple struggles, but you cannot get discouraged. Just keep pushing, your destination lies ahead.


Don’t get caught up looking to the left or right to see where you should be going. Don’t get sidetracked because you’re trying to see what the person next to you is doing or where they’re going. Don’t worry about how fast everyone else appears to be going, what they packed for the trip, or the ice cream paint job on their cars. Mind ya bidness! Your lane is yours and their lane is theirs! Keep watching them and you’ll mess around and find yourself lost.


I hope these rules help you all the way through your journey of life! Now let’s get to riding!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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