We live in a society where it is important to be  “somebody”. Where it’s favorable to have it “all together”. And where keeping up with the “everybody’s” is the thing to do.

There isn’t always room for transparency, vulnerability, or truth. We sometimes fabricate our experiences, fluff up our realities, and gas up our lives in an attempt to live up to these standards.

It is often rare to find real in any of it because the beauty of “posting” is that you only see what we want you to see. There are no bad hair days or hyper pigmentation days, just #SLAYDays and #BEATDays! There are no “life is hard” days, just #FABULOUSDays! Every T is dotted, every I is crossed (Chill, I did it on purpose -LOL)!

But “where do you go when we go quiet?” -Beyoncé’s voice. What happens when the cameras are off, the “fan followers” are gone, the room is empty and you’re all alone? (Heyyyy that rhymed! 🤗) Who are you when you’re not “posting”?

I bet you’re not always who you “Post-To-Be”…. so who are you, really?

These masks that we wear to hide our flaws and insecurities, to cover our shame, to convince the world and ourselves that we are the bomb-dot-com, and ultimately to be “somebody” have to go away. The issue becomes that even when we aren’t “posting” we convince ourselves that we are who we say we are and are not always true to who we really are.

We convince ourselves, “I am FABULOUS 24/7”… even when we aren’t! Or “I have my ish together”… even when it stinks.

This becomes an issue that is two fold because not only must we be very real with ourselves about who we are vs. who we portray ourselves to be, but we must be very real about the people we make idols of and who they, too, are portraying themselves to be.

How can we admire and sometimes covet people who are only showing us a glimpse “in the life”? They, just like we, post what they want to be seen, say what they want to be heard, and portray what they want to portray. Though these things are real, is not the FULL reality.

So here’s the pledge:

It is time to welcome realness. To welcome truth. To embrace the freedom to be who we are. To realize that our “people goals” are only goals as far as the eyes can see. To take off our masks. To cast away the fake foolery. And ultimately see ourselves and let other people see us for who we are! It is time to be… exactly who we “Post-To-Be”!

We welcome these things in!

Thanks for reading!

By: Verinique D. Bailey

P.S. Here’s to the real, beyond just my FABULOUS days! You’ll still get plenty of those too, though! 💗

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