Mind Over Matter: Be Present


Mind Over Matter: Be Present

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why it is called the “PRESENT”. -King Fu Panda

The present of the PRESENT!


Many of us have probably found ourselves dwelling in the past or overly concerned with the future.  The past: “What if I would’ve made this decision instead of that one?” “What if I would’ve took that job?” “What if I would’ve bought that car before moving?” The future: “What will I be doing in six or so months when I graduate?” “What state will I move to?” “What career will I have?”

And either one can become quite overwhelming. I literally found myself in a panic recently about the what if’s of my life. And then I realized, I’ve been sooooo obsessed with those things that I haven’t been PRESENT…

What about the now? What about fact that I’m one class away from my degree (even though I have to take three next semester to be full-time)? How about the fact that my needs are absolutely met and even some of my wants? How about the fact that I am blessed to wake up each day and choose what I eat and where I go. How about the fact that although I don’t have a car, I have funds to catch an Uber, bus, plane, or train to go whenever my little heart desires?

I am realizing that living in the PRESENT is all about perspective. You see, it is easy to allow yourself to be unhappy when you’re focused on everything except the here and now. And while it is important to “have a plan” or an idea of where your life is going, I’ve learned that sometimes the best plan you can have is to be right here, right now, and do the very best you can with just what you have.

Who is to say that any of us will be alive in six more months or that I will see my graduation day? (I’m not planning to go anywhere y’all, it’s just an example! LOL – but “The leaning tree is not always the first to fall!”) Who is to say that one day soon it won’t be revealed to you why you didn’t take the job or why you didn’t move to that city?

Being PRESENT and putting your mind over matter is learning to change your perspective. It means to learn to be grateful for just what you have and not too concerned with the things that you don’t. It means appreciating the little joys of life and the small wins of today! Celebrate small wins like finding a parking spot near the door at Wal-Mart or getting a coupon for your favorite products. I literally get excited ever time I fold clean laundry and all my socks match up! And it also means celebrating the big wins like landing your first big girl (boy) job or paying your rent on time. I get excited every time I get an A!

Being PRESENT means that even if you’re not where you want to be, you understand  that you are excactly where God wants you to be, so take this present and BE PRESENT!

Share some tips for how you stay present in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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