Do Not Disturb… Especially You, FOMO!


Do Not Disturb… Especially You, FOMO!

In a society where it is important to be “in the know” and where most of us suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), it is sometimes difficult to disconnect and disengage.
We are often pressured to not only keep up with the day to day experiences of our own lives, but also the lives of all of our family members, friends, and associates. Its almost like if you run into an old friend who you “follow” and you aren’t as updated on their life as they are yours it can be offensive. There’s a constant pressure to know who just announced their pregnancy, who just got a promotion, who just moved to a new city, and everything in between. It is like making an announcement to social media is the new way to tell everyone you’ve ever known what’s going on with you at one time so you don’t have to repeat the story over and over… and they BETTER know it! #AintNobodyGotTimeForDatttttt
And trust me, I’m in communication and I’m not here to bash people engagement or social media, which has become a leading platform in our digital age and the way we communicate as a whole. I’ll admit I LOVE social media and it’s perks to keeping in touch and getting information quickly and I am also a fan of connecting with others; however, I believe that in order to “love” something you can’t just see the good in it, but also the bad! (Heyyyyy that goes for humans too! LOL) So today I’m picking the bad and choosing to say FOMO sucks when it comes to inhibiting our ability to disconnect.
Both communication and social media are definitely two of those “can’t live with it, can’t live without it” things,  so I won’t say that completely removing yourself from either in their entirety is the key, but I will give you a few tips to help you learn how to free your mind a little from both!
1. WAKE UP and do something else! – What’s the first thing you fo when you open your eyes and turn off your alarm clock? My guess is probably check your social media to see what you missed in the last few hours while you slept. Instead of starting your day in everybody’s business, I challenge you to wait until your lunch break to check social media and use the time you save to do something more productive for yourself.
2. Break It Up! – Similar to a long lost relationship, sometimes you’ve got to call it quits! (LOL) Maybe not as permanent as that, but you should definitely try to wing yourself off of social media for a few days to cleanse your mind and refresh yourself! Check out previous post The Price of Social Media for my experience with taking a 21 day cleanse from it.
3. Do Not Disturb! – Use this button! Dedicate some time to actually being free from people and their beck and call. Whether it’s the first few hours after you wake up or a few hours before you go to bed, take a little time each day just to yourself, disengaged with others and in tune with you. Reflect on yourself, your accomplishments, and be “in the know” with YOU and only you!
Short and sweet right? 😊
You don’t have to know it all! You don’t have to be engaged at every waking moment of every day! So what if you miss the bridal shower pics or your friend’s BirthSLAY… it will all still be there when you return! I hope doing these tips will help you tell FOMO not to disturb you and create less pressure for you moving forward!
Be sure to share your disengagement tips below and help us all over come our FOMO!
By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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