We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”


We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

Today I got my hair trimmed! What a blessing a good trim can be to hair!


A good trim can even the ends and allow for a more flattering and aesthetically appealing hair style, but believe it or not a trim prevents damage, breakage, and can bring back to life dead ends.
Not only can skipping trims make your hair less healthy, but raggedy ends can damage your hair in its entirety.
Sitting there looking at my dead ends on the floor made me realize that a good trim is not only beneficial to hair, but to life in its entirety!
Imagine how much healthier life, too, would be if you did a little trimming every now and then.
Picture trimming off all of the damage that you have from people bondage, all of the split ends you have from your daily failures, all of the breakage you have from your insecurities.
If you clipped off those fake, leeching friends! If you cut off that ex that swears he will be better “this time”! If you took a razor to those feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. And for heavens sake PLEASEEEEE picture yourself getting rid of that damage that is damaging the rest of your life!
From my own experience with clipping Shelia’s (my hair) ends, my hair has always grown fuller, healthier, and quicker and did I mention that she just LOOKS BETTER?
In my experience with trimming my life, I’ve been blessed 10xs over! I’ve been blessed with supreme confidence, great friendships, an infinite desire for self-love, and most importantly a peaceful and more progressive life as a whole that LOOKS and FEELS FABULOUS!
So try it for yourself! Try Spring Cleaning or trimming you life of the things that are holding you back, breaking you, or damaging you.
After all, your hair isn’t the only thing that could use a good trim! So remember… “Round here between Normandie and Western, ‘We Call This Here A Little… Trimmy Trim Trim!'” (LOL – For my fellow Friday lovers!)
By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”
P.S. Be sure to follow my FABULOUS stylist Jasmine Iverson at Precise Cuts @mz_iverson!
Post trim with Shelia!

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