5 Tips to Make the Most of Lengthy Flights


5 Tips to Make the Most of Lengthy Flights

1. Ready, Set, READ!

READ! Many of us probably don’t read as much as we should, but there is a sense of peace that comes from being in the clouds, which presents the perfect opportunity for reading. Take a new book or magazine along for the flight and see how quickly you knock out a few chapters!

2. Write It Out

Believe it or not, I absolutely love writing blogs on the plane (this one was written on one)! Whip out that journal and jot down your ideas, your dreams, or a whole chapter of that book you’ve been putting off!

3. Successful Studies

Still in school? Use the flight time to make some note cards, read a chapter or two, or even prep for your next presentation. Every minute matters in school so use your time wisely!

4. A Break for a Binge

Most often flights offer Wi-Fi, which can be conveniently used to catch up on Insecure or Greenleaf! Be sure to pack your tablet or laptop for the best view!

5. Catch Some ZZzzzzs

Sleeping is probably not considered the most “productive” thing you could do on a flight, but resting before that “Girls Trip” or work related conference can give you just the boost of energy you need after you’ve stayed up all night packing. Catch some zzzzs so you’ll be well rested for the night’s turn up!


The 2+ hours in the sky matter, especially if you have a list things to do! (Don’t we all? – LOL)  So be sure to make the most of those lengthy flights!

Share any other tips you have in the comments below!

By: Verinique Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”


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