Sit Your Single Butt Down



Want to hear a funny story?

You’re still reading so sure you do! (LOL)

Picture it… little ol’ anxious me at the airport walking up the to counter to request a “peanut/dust allergy” notice for my flight and…

Desk attendant: “What is your name?”

Me: “Verinique Bailey.”

Desk Attendant: (picks up microphone) “Hello everyone we have Verinique here at the desk and what do we want her to do….?”

Everyone (literally about 100 people!): “SING!!!!”  🎶 🎶🎶

Me: (after I had to pick up my face off of the floor because I just swore I was about to get engaged or something!) “HA! OMG I’ll sing Beyonce’….(sings) ‘All the single ladies now put ya hands up!'”


To know me is to know 1) I LOVE BEYONCÉ and 2) I love to sing (meaning I don’t sound very good, but I enjoy it anyways… and don’t invite me to karaoke unless you want me to sing my song during my turn and out sing you during your turn! Mmkay? 😬)

But anywho, y’all I literally thought that I was being filmed for a surprise engagement! Somehow, I thought my family was going to magically appear and bae was going to come out of the back and catch a knee… I literally thought that I was about to be a Feyoncé (the BeyHive of a fiancé)!

And then I remembered… I AM SINGLE!!!🙆🏽 It was like in that very moment that it hit me! “Girl ain’t nobody about to propose to you!” “You ain’t even got a man!” “Sit your single butt down!” Alladat… just like that! 😂

So what did I do, I sat my single butt down and…  I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!

What a joy it must be to be in a loving, committed relationship and to have someone ask you to spend the rest of your life with them! I can only imagine and I instantly became happy at the thought of all my family members, friends, sorority sisters, and even the Munaluchi Brides who have had those experiences.

But this isn’t about them, this is about us, THE SINGLE LADIES! The ones faithing it ‘til we make it, who date ourselves, and/or who casually date. The ones of us who feel empowered in our singleness and others who feel hopeless in it. This one is for ALL of us!!!

I have found such beauty in my single season and a few of the biggest lessons I’ve learned are:

  1. To know MY WORTH and what I deserve, not to settle for less!
  2. To invest more time into MYSELF AND MY GOALS, independently!
  3. To be GENUINELY cheerful for love and to surround myself with it, remembering that SELF-LOVE is the best!
  4. Not to be pressed for a man, understanding that he will come when I least expect it!
  5. Not to “feel some type of way” when I see happy couples… how can I be envious and expect God’s blessings?


So sis, I encourage you to take full advantage of your single time! Drink more water! Hit the gym! Set some goals and accomplish them! Take yourself on dates! Vacation alone!  Start a business… or several!! Write a book!! Work on you!!! And please kindly tell grandma (and auntie and sometimes mama) to stop counting your eggs!!

It would be a complete waste to spend our single days miserable! Use this time to heal your heart and get rid of that baggage you’ve been carrying from little Jody. Get to the root of your “issues” then weed them out! Give yourself a fresh start so when that man findeth his wife, she (you) will surely be a good thing!

Your single season brings the beauty in exploring who you are, what you want, and where you are going! So, SIT YOUR SINGLE BUTT DOWN and do just that… and be sure to say heyyyyy because I am sitting right here with you! 😘💗

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”


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