For Your Protection: A Review of 5 of the Protective Styles We LOVE


For Your Protection: A Review of 5 of the Protective Styles We LOVE

Protective Styles are great options for special occasions, vacations, and just breaks for your natural hair. Here are some of my experiences, including pros and cons, with Goddess Braids, Cornrows, Faux Locs, Box Braids, and Clip-Ins! Be sure to comment below and share your experiences with these and other protective styles and any suggestions you have for future styles!


1.) Goddess Braids


Whether its two, four, or six or more, Goddess Braids are definitely a sleek and trendy style for any occasion!


Maintenance: This style required minimal maintenance and was super convenient.

Look: The look is very neat and flattering.

Style Time: This style took about 1.5 hours to get and less than an hour to take down.


Cost: I am well aware that you have to pay the price for beauty, but geez some stylist charge $10+ per braid and that can be pretty pricey for a style that will only last a week or so.

Lifespan: Goddess braids last for no time at all. By the end of the 5th day, my natural hair was already curling out of the braids. I recommend getting this style for a specific event or for a short getaway because once it gets “old” it doesn’t look good… at all!


2.) Cornrows


The come back of Cornrows or Scalp Braids and the trendy Lemonade Braids were truly a sweep this summer!


Cost: Average price ranges from $125 – $150.

Lifespan: These tiny braids lasted nearly a month! Though similar to Goddess Braids, the smaller size keeps them from aging too soon.

Look: The look is literally a wake and shake style and can be adjusted for different settings (i.e. bun, large jumbo plait, etc.).


Maintenance: This style was extremely itchy and required daily oiling and scalp massages.

Style Time: These bad boys took nearly six hours to get and about two to take down because they were tiny.

3.) Faux Locs

Fe Fi FAUX LOC Fum, fabulous style with a lot of cons….


Lifespan: The quality of this style definitely influenced the lifespan, making it last between six- eight weeks!

Look: Faux Locs, like any traditional braids or twists, can be styled in a variety of ways for different occasions.


Cost: This style cost $150 (not including the 17, yes I said 17 packs of hair that my stylist used… you do the math)! Other stylists charged $220 – $250 with hair included.

Damage: This would have to have been the most damaging protective style I’ve ever tried because it thinned out my edges a little bit due to the weight of the two-layer style.

Maintenance: This hair style was EXTREMELY painful and itchy. The weight of the hair caused my scalp to be bumpy, blistering, and in some cases bleed. I DO NOT recommend waist length faux locs to anyone, EVER; although, shorter lengths may not have the same experience.

Style Time: Honeyyyyyy, I was literally getting my hair done from 4pm – 2am with minimal breaks! You do the math, again! Subsequently, it took nearly 8 hours to take the hair down because it was a two-layer style.


4.) Box Braids

My mom did my Box Braids a.k.a. “Poetic Justice Braids” or “Dookie Braids” last time I had them so it is definitely a style that takes me back to my adolescent days.


Cost: Prices average from $80 – $125.

Maintenance: Other than scalp maintenance, the style usually holds up very well.

Lifespan: Box braids can last anywhere from four to six weeks.

Look: The look is can be very diverse with minimal effort.


Style Time: Box braids can take anywhere from five to seven hours to get done and nearly four to take down.


5.) Clip-Ins


Clip-ins are a wonderful and quick option to add length and style for any occasion!


Cost: I literally paid less than $10 each for 4-5 packs of hair for this style and less than $5 for clips.

Look: This style matched perfectly with my natural leave out and was also able to be diversified because it was easily adjustable.


Maintenance: Due to the fact that clip-ins should be removed every night to prevent natural hair damage, this look required much more maintenance for multiple day wears. Also, my natural hair leave out required every day fixings to ensure the perfect match.


I hope you found these reviews useful FOR YOUR PROTECTION! Please be sure to share your favorite styles in the comments and what you suggest I try next!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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