Who Are You Calling?


Who Are You Calling?

One day I was having “one of those days” where I needed to vent about life. Full of complaints and in need of someone to comfort me during my horrible cries of frustration I picked up the phone. I needed to talk to someone, anyone who had an ear and would listen to my nagging and whining. Someone who wouldn’t judge me, but who would let me get all of my built up stress out. Someone who would listen and if they said anything at all it would be something positive to pull me out of the rut!

But who could this person be? I called my Mommy! She gave birth to me so surely she doesn’t mind listening to my cries (she’s been listening for 23 years – LOL), but she was busy at work! I thought about calling my Daddy. He’s a truck driver so I tossed that idea out with telling myself he too was probably busy with work. The same went for my stepmom, she works from home but boy the amount of conference calls she has makes her incredibly busy too so I didn’t give her a ring either. Then next was my Grandmother Gwendolyn, I talk to her about everything so surely she was on the list too. Oh but there were more… my sister, Troinisha, and my best friend, Kanitra, and so on and so…

I’d shuffled through at least 7 or 8 people who I’m sure would’ve had AWESOME advice for me! All of which have been knowing me for over a decade! Surely they’d have my best interest at heart! As I picked up my phone to dial another number I realized I hadn’t even considered calling on Jesus… WOW!

Funny how I went down a list of people all within a matter of minutes and somehow completely omitted Him. Surely He was the head of my life… wasn’t He? My provider? Redeemer? Lord and Savior? Surely He knew all about the issues I was having, shoot He knew about them even without me telling Him. And if all of this is true, why didn’t I think of calling on Him? Why wasn’t He at the top of my list? Why had He been forgotten about and replaced by so many others?

I am a firm believer that God uses people and situations to get our attention and that He will place good people in our lives for us to confide in. Many have found this “good person” in their husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, and even some friends, but I am pretty sure God never intended for any of these good people to overshadow Him. He blessed us with their presence, advice, words of encouragement, etc., but He still wants to be the head of our lives and the one that we call on.

In Him wanting our whole heart, He desires our every worry and care. He desires our every doubt, fear, and frustration. He desires to be the one who will comfort us. He desires to be the one we can run to and hide ourselves in. The friend we long for. The “relationship” we wish we had for. The one ultimately who fills our voids and supplies our needs. But with all of these things, He desires for us to call on Him.

I want to encourage you all to not forget to call on Jesus. Not to forget to make Him the head of your life and the one you call on even when you have options (See Previous Post: “I Got Options, Boo!”). This post has literally been in the works of my phone notes since October! (LOL – Procrastination is another post for another day!) But I thank you Lord for giving me this message. It seems that putting God first has been a pressing thing in my life so I’m happy to share this with you all, especially those of you who are also working to put Him first in all things!

I hope that the next time you pick up that phone to call someone about your life you ask yourself “Who Are You Calling?” and call Jesus first!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

P.S. Thank you Jame’Ka for taking the picture back in October! 🙂

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