I'll Be Mine: 7 Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day


I’ll Be Mine: 7 Things to Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

This year marks the first year of me not having a Valentine in four years and boy what a time to be single! His loss, right? RIGHT! (LOL) But anywho, myself, like many of you I’m sure, will be spending Valentine’s Day alone, solo dolo, “one [wo]man… by myself…” *Kevin Hart’s voice*, single as a Pringle, boyfriend looking all fine and invisible😂, etc. And unless Bruce Wayne himself comes speeding up in his Batmobile in T-Minus four weeks you’ll have to tough this one out! It’s crazy how a holiday meant for “Love” can make the loveliest of people (women that is) feel so unloved! Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day for lovers is a chance to appreciate the love shared, but for single folks it can be a reminder of the love that you long for, but don’t have for a number of reasons. lol I’ve already gotten a headache from seeing all the singles on my TLs rant, mostly in sorrow, about how they’ll be alone! So in case Batman doesn’t come through honey, here are 7 ways to spend Valentine’s Day single and to LOVE every minute!

1. Reservations for One Please!
Just like buying yourself flowers,  when you’re single you’ve got to learn to date yourself. (I promise to write a blog about it soon, but until then see previous post The Day I Bought Myself Some Flowers!) One of the best things you can do while being single is to enjoy the time that you have to truly get to know yourself and what better way to do that than to spend time with yourself and take yourself out. On Valentine’s Day while your friends are getting fine for their date night with bae, get fine for yours too honey! Whip out that little fitted dress and pumps and don’t forget to compliment yourself ALL night long!

Treat yourself to a cheat meal on V-Day, but don’t cheat more than just that day! LOL

2. Laugh Out Loud
Laugh your socks off by making plans to attend an upcoming movie, comedy show, or live play. Check your local listings and it may surprise you how affordably tickets are priced. Trust me, when everyone present is tuned in to the show you won’t even feel like you’re alone! Don’t forget to buy yourself the large popcorn and soda and the best part is…. you won’t have to share!

3. No Huggies Please: Pamper Day
While many women are spending time getting their bunions scraped so their toes won’t scare off bae tonight, get yours scraped just because!😂 HAHAHA Okay I am joking about the bunion thing, but seriously honey treat yourself to a day of full pampering! Get your hair done, manicure, pedicure, massage, microdermabrasion, etc. all because you just want to love on yourself!

I love getting my hair done professionally and my hair, Shelia, loves it too! 🙂

4. Single Ladies
Have single girl friends? Invite them out for a girl’s night or over for a slumber party. Either you all can agree to get fine and paint the town or you can each wear your cutest onesie and watch chick flicks all night! Play charades or never have I ever until everyone passes out or slip on some sexy pumps and go shut the city down. Whatever you do, don’t forget to toast to being bad ass single ladies!

5. Through the Stomach and to the Heart
Opt for a cheaper and more intimate Valentine’s day by avoiding the thousands of other people looking to spread love and stay your tail in the house. Staying home isn’t such a bad idea at all and in fact it is actually very common. Candle lit home cooked dinners are romantic and what better way to love on yourself than to love on your appetite? (LOL) So blow the dust off of the old cookbook that you’ve never used or whip out a recipe from Pinterest and create a masterpiece! Literally!

My lovely homemade heart shaped meatloaf!

6. That’s Sweet, You Shouldn’t Have!
Gift giving seems to be as common on Valentine’s Day as it is on Christmas and you should not have to miss out just because you’re single! Besides, holidays bring about the best sales at retailers and your single self is just as deserving of a gift as a woman who’s been married for thirty years. So shop ‘til you drop (in budget of course) and the fabulous thing about it is when you shop for yourself you know you’ll absolutely love the gift! Don’t forget the gift bags and tissue paper for wrapping and lastly be sure to act surprised and thank yourself with a kiss!

My fine gift wrapping skills!

7. Did Someone Say Sexy?
Lord knows I love pretty underwear (See Previous Post: Give A Girl The Right Pair of Undies…) and Valentine’s Day is the holiday that inspires the most fabulous underwear of all! Luckily for us single gals, there isn’t a relationship required restriction on sexy undergarments which means we too can indulge in the purchasing and enjoyment of the sexy panty club! So whether you decide to Netflix and chill solo or to hit Ruth Chris for a dinner for one, feel even more sexy with your Victoria Secret and Venus collectables. Don’t hesitate to give yourself and only yourself a peek!😂 (LOL – Behave!)

So whatever you decide to do on this Valentine’s Day one thing that you must vow not to do is become sad about your singleness! Embrace it honey! Make plans right now to occupy your time and energy with yourself and to love on yourself this V-Day! There’s no love like SELF-LOVE so I’LL BE MINE and you be yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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