"I Got Options, Boo!"


“I Got Options, Boo!”

Funny story! I haven’t wrote a blog in a while because I was tired of God making me live out what I wrote! Literally, it’s like He brings my words back to me EVERY time and sometimes it’s tougher than others to practice what I preach, so I’ve been scared! 🙄 Like Lord please don’t make me go through this… (LOL) I’m human too! But I’m back and I know that God hasn’t given me the spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7)  so here’s to a new level of blogging and being unafraid to share what’s on my heart and to kicking the unmotivated spirit in the face!

Welcome to the V. In Virtue!

Ever played the game of Monopoly? Well, I have and it’s one of my absolute favorite board games! I’m even willing to bet that   back in the day when you and your cousins opened that rectangular box to play and before y’all even rolled the die to arrange a playing order, y’all rushed to snatch those tiny silver pieces and sorted out who would be what. “I’ll be the bag of money… money ain’t a thang!” Or “I’ll be the car… cruising down the street in my ’64!” Or one of my favorite pieces, “the thimble” (which most people whom I’ve played with have had no idea what the heck a thimble was! LOL). But whatever the case, choosing a piece that you’d literally “be” for an hour or longer seemed like a quite important task and apparently a priority, especially when you were in competition with other people! Gotta shine on them right?

But after everyone selects their piece, their pawn if you will, there are still plenty of other options that were picked over because let’s face it your particular pawn was “THE ONE”! I’m sure if we could take a moment to see things from the pawn’s point of view we’d learn that they were ecstatic to be chosen, probably more happy than we were to have picked them. Like Woody and Buzz in the Disney film Toy Story, its a pretty huge deal to be “chosen” when there are other options! But this is reality and I’m sure those toys aren’t talking and having feelings in real life… 👀 but I’m sure you catch my drift!

Well friends, the fact of the matter is God wants to be chosen too… He wants to feel important and like a priority! He wants to be the first round draft pick! He wants to be your favorite piece of life, important enough for you to drop everything else to pick Him first. Many times we wait to chose God until choosing Him is the only choice we have. Crazy thing is, He sometimes accepts that too, but what if for once we decided to choose God first. Not because He’s the piece that everyone else wants or because He’s the most powerful piece, but rather because He is truly worthy of being chosen?

Each day we have options. We have the choice to choose between good and evil and free will to make decisions on our own. Sometimes we play God to the left and act like He’s just a $2 Monopoly option or back up plan because we know He will be there. But it’s time, boo! Time to chose your “options” more wisely. Just because God is an option doesn’t mean He’s fooled by your decision to choose Him only when you need something. Choose Him when you need nothing, just because He is the one worthy of being chosen! He wants to be picked when we have “other” options, not only when He’s the only one left.

Imagine how God feels when He is picked first… probably as good as Woody, Buzz, and that rusty little bag of money!

Yeah boo, you got options! But be sure you choose right!

By: Verinique D. Bailey “The V. in. Virtue”

P.S. Thank you Mama & Josh for my picture! Y’all know how serious I am about my blog pictures! LOL 😂

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