Happy TIME


Happy TIME

Grad school is no joke! Honeyyyyyy, I hopped, skipped, and twirled my little way to Atlanta with a dollar and a dream! (LOL) With one week to spare before classes I found myself catching up on my beauty rest, getting some much needed shopping in, and even spending a little time exploring the city of Atlanta! I am sure by now I’ve caught Uber EVERYWHERE possible! Shoot Uber knows me on a first name basis and has even given me 50% every 10 rides three times since I’ve been here… go figure! (LOL)

But by the time classes started at Georgia State I wanted to just disappear! Lord knows those assignments crept up on me like they had a vengeance and I was definitely not prepared! I knew if I didn’t get a handle on things they would get a handle on me! I had to manage my time!

I remember being in undergrad at Middle Tennessee State University and boy oh boy was I in EVERYTHING… well not literally, but it sure felt like it! One semester in particular I was president of both my sorority chapter on campus and a women empowerment organization that I’d founded and a member of a few other organizations on campus. Along with that I worked two jobs, one in which where I was a part-time shift lead. In addition to that I was taking 18 course hours! WHO DOES THAT? But back in those days I called myself “Super Woman”, so believe me when I say I was so sure that I could do it! By now you’ve probably seen the blog I’ve written about it entitled, “Too Much On Your Plate”, but today I am taking a bit of a different approach. I would not have made it through that cumbersome semester had I not been keen on my time management.

I wanted to talk to my followers about time, and not just any time, Happy TIME! Well, more like Happy TIME Management! Sheesh, I am sure some of you have struggled with time management before so I wanted to give you a few tricks to the art of managing your time! (And I will try my best to be brief!)

5 skills of time management:

1. Schedule – If you don’t plan your time you will waste it! I love to wake up in the morning and write down all of my tasks on a “To-Do List” for the day! Doing it early helps me to focus on the things I must accomplish that day and keeps me accountable for the things I haven’t yet done by the end of the day. I also recommend an agenda as a useful way of scheduling and managing projects and tasks near and far.

2. Prepare – This is an extremely important step! Often times when I notice myself getting behind on tasks or when I feel rushed or pressured it is because I did not properly prepare. For instance there are three main things that I have to do to start my day, (1)shower, (2)do my hair, and (3)pick out clothes/get dressed. I use these three because other things like eating breakfast, though is an  extremely important part of my day, has to be done in the morning when I wake up. The three main things can be done either the night before or in the morning so I practice doing two at night. For instance, I would rather style or at least prepare my hair for a style and pick out my clothes at night that way I am not rushed to do all three in the morning. If you do makeup or morning workouts you truly can benefit from this because you already have a full load in the mornings. Figure out what your main things are and do a few the night before.

3. Prioritize – I use this trick not only for the things that are the most important, but also for the things that are most simple. You’d be surprised how stressed you can get by looking at a “To-Do List” of 20 things! That is a lot, but no matter how many things on your list, it may be beneficial to knock out a few or all of the easier things first and then save the most difficult thing last. I do encourage you to use your discernment though because sometimes the larger tasks cannot wait. (Side Note: Knocking out easy tasks first helps me focus better for the larger tasks because after scratching a few things off my list I feel like my load is lighter! 😊)

4. Make “Me Time” – Take a break! Shoot, take several! I say this because I understand how important it is to give yourself a mental break. Whether it be going to get your nails done, surfing the net, or simply taking a mid-day power nap, do it! Just don’t over do it! You mind needs to rest so that I can refocus. I find that when reading these 50 page articles for class that I have to stop and take a breather so that I won’t lose focus on what I am reading. Be sure to add time for yourself in your schedule of at least an hour a day for best results.

5. Stick With It – Whatever your plan is for managing your time just be sure to stick with it! If you know you have a 10 page paper due tomorrow, but Little Mario wants to take you out on a date… he can wait! (LOL) Do not deter from your schedule unless it is an emergency! And please trust me when I say a hamburger from the Cook Out with Little Mario is not as important as your paper! 😑😂

Since moving to Atlanta I went from completely free time in the first week  to scheduling everything from when I eat to when I call friends and family! I feel like until I have a complete handle on the management of my time I will be strict with what I am doing with it. So I encourage you today to manage your time and don’t let it manage you! Oh and be sure to have a Happy TIME doing it!

P.S. I’ve heard this great saying that “Beyonce’ has the same 24 hours in a day that we all have”! (LOL) Therefore, if you want to do great things you’ve got to use your time wisely! 🐝

Thank you for reading!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”


5 thoughts on “Happy TIME

  1. Love this blog post, especially since we’ve both started graduate programs together. It is a major difference from undergrad FOR SURE. Your suggestions to stay happy and focused on yourself are spot on and I’m glad you’ve mastered to put yourself first and not last. I love you and good luck throughout the semester

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