In the beginning of this year I found out that I’d been accepted to three universities that I’d applied to to take the prerequisites required to pursue my MBA! I just knew I’d graduate and go right back into school #LIKEABOSS! πŸ˜‚ My little world was shattered when I realized that I wouldn’t be awarded any financial aid due to being a “non-degree seeking” student! Meaning that because I would’ve been taking classes needed before the degree and not actually pursuing the degree at that moment I would not qualify for tuition assistance. I was crushed! I went into hibernation for about two months! (LOL – I laugh now, but it was not funny then!) After finally realizing that I needed to be doing something more productive with myself and getting a good ol’ fashion “talk” from my Daddy, I hurried to take the job that had long waited for me since before graduation! It seemed to be the only thing positive happening in my life! I didn’t have a clue what the Lord wanted me to do and honestly during that time I had no choice but to depend solely on him!

I prayed and prayed for a sign! I asked God to lead me to what he wanted me to do! During my time of solitude I began writing more and I realized the love that I once had for journalism hadn’t left me! I talked to God about going back to get another bachelor’s degree, but this time in mass communication/journalism. I was excited about pursing something I was extremely passionate about! I began my research! Then randomly, I met a lady who when I explained to her my plans she asked, “why don’t you consider getting a master’s degree in it instead?” Hmm I thought! I hadn’t even considered doing that! That very night I went home and researched all kinds of universities! After becoming overwhelmed I let it rest and decided to try again the next day!

I prayed, “Lord if it’s your will that I pursue my master’s please don’t only let me get in school, but please give me a way to pay for it!” He knew my heart, I only wanted to do his will for my life! After applying to four universities, with three in major U.S. cities, I was accepted to Georgia State University! AND I will be pursuing my Master’s in Mass Communication with an assistantship covering the cost of my FULL TUITION! He not only allowed me to get accepted, but he also made a way for it to be paid for! No one can tell me God doesn’t answer prayers… In his perfect timing!

I will be posting a variety of blogs in the coming weeks to testify to everything that God has taught me during this process! Be on the look out!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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