Praying for a Sign: ONE WAY



Praying for a Sign: ONE WAY

Ever prayed and asked God for a sign? “Lord show me what I need to do about such and such!” “Lord show me my purpose!” or maybe even “Lord make it clear what you want me to do!”

This makes me think of a joke I heard as a child! (And I’m not sure who made it up so be sure to give them their credit! (LOL)) It went something like this:

During a great flood, there stood a man with water up to his feet. At this point, cars were still able to drive in the water and up drove a car full of folks. They stopped and asked the man if he wanted a ride to safety! He said, “No thank you, the Lord is going to save me!” So the people in the car drove off! Within minutes, the water had reached the man’s waist. A small paddle boat paddled up and the people on board they asked him if he wanted a ride to safety. Again the man replied, “No thank you, the Lord is going to save me!” So the boat paddled off! By the time the water reached the man’s chin a steam boat drove up! The people onboard asked the man if he wanted a ride and he replied, “No thank you, the Lord is going to save me!” So the steam boat drove off to safety! Sadly, the man drowned! Once he got to heaven he asked, “God I trusted you, why didn’t you save me?” And God replied, “…I sent you a car and two boats!” (LOL)

Point of the matter is many times we pray for a sign, a sense of direction, a way out, an answer, or even a clue… And God sends us just that… And when God sends it, sometimes we still don’t receive it!

Sometimes we may play blind or crazy like we don’t understand or see the signs God sends and other times we honestly miss it! Either way, there’s more to praying for a sign than just asking for it.. Like He sent the man a car and two boats, He may send you three aunties, one grandma, a best friend, and a stranger ALL to randomly give you a sign for what you’ve been praying about! The question is will you receive it when He sends it?

Consider these three things when praying for a sign:

1. Are You Ready? Maybe the things you are praying and asking for signs about are things that you’re not ready to receive! Be mindful about praying for things that you are not mature enough to understand or prepared to handle. You don’t want to be like the man in the flood and miss your sign when it comes because you don’t know it when you see it! Instead of asking God for simply a sign, ask Him not only to open your eyes to it, but to prepare your heart and mind to receive it it its sent from him!

2. Can You Tell The Difference? Pray for the discernment to determine what He’s sending vs what you think He is sending, but really isn’t. Many of us may believe things that we think are coming from the Lord, but in time we find that those things were truly not His will nor are signs from Him. Being serious and genuine about your relationship with the Lord will allow you to understand His voice and His signs as compared to random and sometimes convenient ways out of situations that we just so happen to label as “signs from God”! Trust me, when the Lord speaks, you will KNOW it’s Him without a doubt!

3. Is It Time? Rushing God is never a good thing! He never does things on our time, but rather in “His Perfect Timing”! When you’re praying for a sign consider if you’re willing to be patient enough to wait on God to send His sign. Sometimes He will send multiple signs like He did with the man in the flood, but other times we will have to endure the rest of time and trust Him to reveal our directions. Are you too open to EVERYTHING because you want or think you need a sign now and don’t have time to waste? Or are you trusting that the Lord will provide the signs you need in His time?

In conclusion, there is ONE WAY to living out the life God intended for you… and only He can give you the road map! Be sure that the signs you’re waiting for him to send to lead you in life are truly from Him!

Remember Psalms 37:23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” The Lord will provide your directions, your signs, and order your steps! Trust him to lead you right way… THE ONE WAY!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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