Oftentimes when we battle the trials of life it is difficult to see a way to win. It becomes almost impossible to press on or to even to have faith that things will work out. We find ourselves stuck, with only the ability to see the here and now and incapable of finding the end of the road or a way out. Our lives seem to be frozen and we are trapped in the hell of the present. All we can see is the sights of present! All we can feel is the feelings of the present! All we can say are the words of the present! And all we can think are the thoughts of the present!

Can you think of a time when you felt like this?

Think back to when you first got your heart broken. You gave little Johnny all your time and attention and when he played you he probably crushed your little world. I’m willing to bet the thought that you’d never love again probably crossed your mind.

Think about that time when you didn’t make the team or “the squad” for that matter. You probably felt rejected and incompetent. Thinking you must not have been good or worthy enough. Realizing that you were not “chosen” may have even killed your confidence.

Think about the time where you worked your butt off in school. You studied more and partied less, all with a goal in mind to get an A in your most difficult class. You ditched your friends and the library was the only boyfriend you needed! Once your grade was finalized you’d barely gotten a C. You may have felt like you weren’t smart enough and beat yourself up for not working harder.

Or how about that time you were trying to get a new job. You put on your best dress pants and creased those bad boys right down the center. You had your shirt dry cleaned and your collar was stiff and fresh. You got your resume proofread by anyone you considered professional. And you even beat your face and curled your hair to the T! All to find out that you weren’t even chosen as a round two interview candidate. You probably felt discouraged, like you’d never be successful or reach your goals.

Maybe you’ve had all of these things happen to you or perhaps none of them, but I’m willing to bet you’ve been through something similar. Disappointments. Let downs. Felt insecure. Insignificant. Incompetent. Unworthy. Hopeless… And the list goes on and on. But there was something beautiful that kept happening… You never stopped pacing!

During those times when you felt those negative thoughts and feelings and couldn’t seem to escape the present you obviously kept going. How else would you be here presently? During those times when you couldn’t imagine better days or couldn’t understand why you had to go through what you were going though, you never stopped. During those times where the only things you could do were cry and pray, you kept pacing. Step by step.. And eventually God brought you through.

I’ve heard a saying that states, “If you take one step, God will take the next two for you!” You surviving those time and being here presently is proof that you kept stepping. Your testimony is proof that you kept stepping. Your witness for the greatness of God is proof that you kept stepping. Again, you never stopped pacing!

I want to encourage those of you who are going through something right now and even those of you who are doing just fine! This isn’t the first trial. Tomorrow will one day be the present. The day after tomorrow will one day be the past. More trails will come. More tests will come. Remember to think back to the times in your past when you’ve felt like the trails would never end. Didn’t God help you through it? Didn’t he give you the strength to take a step? Didn’t he take two, three, or ten more for you?… He will help you get though all the other tests and trails too, but you have to take the first step by believing in him…

And never stop PACING!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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