The #ThankYouProject


The #ThankYouProject

Thank you! Though a simple phrase to say, you’d be surprised how many people don’t practice saying thank you on a regular

In multiple conversations that I’ve had in the past I realized that many people became both appreciative and frustrated with the topic of thank yous. In their opinion thank yous are wonderful because hearing the phrase makes them feel valued for whatever act of kindness they’d performed. On the other hand, not hearing thank you grinds their gears because not only does it seem impolite, but “just plain rude” as one person put it. Interestingly enough, most of the people I talked to about the topic said similar things.

It made me consider how and when I’d actually thanked someone. Surely I practice doing it on a regular basis, but I can’t think of the last time I thanked someone just because, and thus the #THANKYOUPROJECT was born.

Last summer I set a goal to do a Thank You Project in which I would thank anyone who’d been a blessing to my life! I thought about those individuals who’d written letters of recommendation, those who had sacrificed their time and money, and even those who had simply cared enough to offer advice during my times of need. Anyone who had made an impact in my life, I wanted to thank them! I knew I wanted to do it in a special way and though my budget was small I thought of just the thing! THANK YOU CARDS! I shopped for the cards and gathered the addresses of family members, friends, mentors, and even coworkers!

I wrote personal thank you notes to over forty people! (I almost got carpal tunnel afterwards -LOL) Completing this project filled my heart with joy at the memory of what others had done for me and in some cases I cried! It was amazing how blessed I’d been by having these people in my life, even if just for a season. Though the project was delayed until this spring, I finally completed it a couple of weeks ago, (Well technically it’s not complete because I’m sure I’ll never run out of thank yous!) but I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it was! Getting all their phone calls and texts messages and even sharing some laughs and tears after their receipt of the cards truly blessed me!

There are soooo many ways to say thank you! You can simply say it, you can give a hug, give gifts, money, or other kind gestures, or you can write a thank you card! Don’t forget to bless the people who’ve blessed you by showing them a token of your appreciation!!!

I want to challenge ALL of my readers to do a random act of thanks to the people who you value in your life! Whether it’s a thank you card, a thank you call, or a thank you text message or post, give thanks! Give people the “flowers” and tell them how much they mean to you while they can hear you say it! Trust me blessing them will bless you!

Thank you for supporting the “V. in Virtue”‘s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge! I truly appreciate the love and support from you all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

***Thank you Project Steps:***
1. Make a list of everyone you want to thank!
2. Reach out to them an gather their addresses.
3. Purchase thank you cards and envelopes! (I got a 50 pack for $4.99 at TJMAXX, but the Dollar Tree has 10 for $1!)
4. Purchase Stamps! (The reason my project was delayed! – LOL – I got 20 for $10 at Kroger!)
5. Write your notes! Break this step down by doing a few a day or you may become overwhelmed! (Most heart wrenching step! You’ll probably cry, especially if you’re sensitive like me!)
6. Address the envelopes! (Be sure to verify that you’re writing exactly what the person told you!)
7. Stamp the envelopes!
8. Find your nearest P.O. Box and kiss them goodbye!
9. Wait to hear from the people who got them! They’ll thank you! (This is the most rewarding part!)
10. Share your story with others and motivate them to spread thanks!

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