Before You Wreck Yourself


Before You Wreck Yourself

Today I was at work attempting to write this post during my down time. It went a little something like this… “As the title of this blog and the 90s hit by the legendary Ice Cube suggests, you mustn’t forget to ‘Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’…” I wanted it to be very direct in motivating my readers to be more observant of their actions in present day and to consider that everything we do has a consequence… Feeling a little unmotivated in my creativity for writing the post I stopped and proceeded to do a plethora of other things.

I began thinking Lord what am I going to use for today’s picture? Sidenote: It’s been important to me to use only pictures that I take or get from people I know for my blog posts and so far I’ve done well, all have been mine except the Rainy Rainbows picture from my mentor Joya. So naturally not having a picture this far along in my 30 day challenge caused a bit of stress. I thought to myself how ideal it would be to see a small wreck on the way home so I could take a picture of it! Now before you go thinking I’m crazy, I told y’all how serious I am about my blog pics! (LOL) Anyways, as my thoughts continued I realized I didn’t want to see a wreck because that meant someone may be injured! Instead I settled upon deciding to search through a scrap yard tomorrow, to find a raggedy car, and using it for a post on this topic at a later date once I got a good picture.

I know I’m long winded I’m making a point I promise! (LOL)

After work, as I was driving to this performing arts show at my alma mater I was stopped by a traffic light. Once the light changed in my favor I proceeded to accelerate when suddenly I heard a loud horn and instantly checked my rear view mirror. BAM! I witnessed the head on collision of two vehicles! It scared me sooo bad that my heart almost jumped out of my chest! I swerved my car into the center lane, jumped out, and ran to the scene. Lo and behold a woman had blacked out at the wheel and crashed into another vehicle. Before I knew it there were several witnesses on the scene. Some tending to the injured while I was busy calling for help. Though their cars were terribly damaged, all on board were alive… I couldn’t do a thing but thank the Lord!

On my way home my thoughts were just racing! God provided a new direction for how I should share this topic on how to check yourself before you wreck yourself! So I want to make a point to you tonight, a point that I’ve never truly practiced until now… to understand the power of the tongue and thoughts! It amazed me how I was sitting at work thinking how cool it would’ve been to have had a picture of a wreck to use for my blog, but I hadn’t thought of how that could actually happen. I’d asked God, “Lord what am I going to use for today’s picture?” and little did I know he was going to provide just that. Even though it wasn’t a good thing, it was what I spoke and asked for.

Now I really want y’all to get his so let me break it down this way. What is it that you’ve been praying about or speaking into your life?

Praying for a new man? Want him to be tall dark and handsome! We’ll be sure you add some important features like God fearing and a help meet to those prayers or you may just get Mr. Tall Dark Handsome Jerk Bully and the Beast! Check em before you wreck em!

Praying to get into grad school? Be specific! Ask God to place you where He needs you to be and to bless you with what you need to be successful. If its financial aid you need ask for it! If you’re only praying to get accepted, you may just get in and that’s it! Check it before you wreck it!

Been down in the dumps and doubting your future lately? Don’t get caught up saying things like, “I’ll never get through this!” or “I’ll never become anything!” There is power in what you speak! Speak life into yourself and be careful how you’re talking when you’re talking about yourself, you make turn out being just what you said you’d be. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Point is, you’ve got to check what you’re praying and speaking before you wreck what you’re praying and speaking! You can’t ask God for something and expect him not to give it to you, especially if it’s for you. You also cannot ask God for something and get upset because you didn’t ask right and he gave you JUST what you asked for. (LOL – Been there done that!) Again, you’ve got to understand that there is power in the tongue and thoughts. Be careful what you’re asking before you wreck what you’re asking!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

God bless the people in this wreck today! They were okay, but they will be healed in Jesus’ name!

**Disclaimer: Now that you’ve read this post, don’t try to play the Lord either by being all specific in your prayers and thoughts, asking him for things you want, but don’t need. (LOL) Be humble. Ask him to give you what you need! He already knows the desires of your heart!!!**

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