The Favorite Flower


The Favorite Flower

Once upon a time there lived a gardener of all things green. He owned acres and acres of plants from all around the world. He was by far the best gardener to ever grace the earth, as he had the power to create his own flowers. All of the creatures and plants he created and nurtured began as small specimen of what they actually become. One in particular was a seed. Though the gardener thought highly of all the botanicals in his garden, this one by far was his absolute favorite.

As he prepared to plant this seed, he picked a lot separate from his other plants. He made it known that he wanted this one to have room to grow by herself. He dug the hole and cleared it of any weeds and pesticides present. The gardener carefully planted the seed and and buried it in the soil. As he patted down the last of the soil he whispered to the seed, “I made you special and trust me you are my favorite!” He wasn’t anxious nor was he impatient, for he knew a beauty like this would take her precious time to grow. He watered the plant daily and each day he’d whisper the same thing unto her.

As days passed, months passed, even years passed, there was still no sign of life from his precious seed. Other plants questioned the work of the gardener. They taunted and teased him and called him a liar. They wondered how he could’ve created and planted a seed many moons ago that hadn’t even broken the ground yet. Although he too created and nurtured them, they couldn’t imagine what was sooooo special about a plant that hadn’t even bloomed yet. But the gardener held his head up. He knew that no matter who doubted him and his creation, it would come into fruition soon enough. He continued to water the seed every day and whispered to her, “I made you special and trust me you are my favorite!”

Then one day, months later, when the spring of the third year showed her face there was a new leaf in the garden. The Gardener knew it was a good thing. All of the other plants grew speechless, for soon enough they knew they’d see the work of the gardener. But actually it wasn’t soon at all. Another three years passed before that little old stem even had another leaf. By then the other plants doubted again. They called that little stem names and even questioned her ability to become more than just a stem. Six years in total had passed and they only believed what they’d seen. The stem began to have questions about herself too. Would she ever grow big and beautiful like the other plants in the gardeners garden? Was the gardener feeding her head with lies? Did he not create her as his favorite? We’re the other plants right? She wept in sorrow and when the gardener saw her he watered her and said what he’d always said to her, “I made you special and trust me you are my favorite!” The stem dried her eyes and trusted the gardener like she always had. She knew he wouldn’t lead her wrong.

In the first morning of the seventh spring as all the plants in the garden awakened they couldn’t believe their eyes. The plant that had been stem and leaf by night had finally blossomed into the most beautiful flower anyone had ever seen by day. They gazed in admiration as the gardener picked the first flower from the plant’s stems. The plant smiled in joy and knew that as a result of her trusting in her gardener. She had finally seen the results of being his favorite. He said into her, “You were made special. I told you you were my favorite!”

Because of the flower’s decision to trust her creator during the process she was able to reap the benefits of his will for her. She was strong  and when she was weary he was there to comfort her in assuring what he promised her. No matter what others said, no matter who doubted her, and no matter how long it took she stayed faithful to him. When others questioned the work of the gardener and taunted the plant for what they couldn’t see, little did they know her roots were growing stronger and larger than all others. By the time they could see the results of her trust in her creator, they could do nothing but admire her faith. For her creator had made her a promise and all of the plants were assured that she was his FAVORITE!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

~For ALL of the women who are God’s FAVORTIES!~

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