Sisterhood Is…


Sisterhood is…

Sisters are your first friends who share your hair bows and barbies; Sisters are the ones who don’t judge your weird hobbies.

Sisterhood is being her shoulder to lean on and the one to hold her hand; And telling her, “Girl you don’t need that no good man!”

Sisterhood is laughs, cries, and long telephone goodbyes; It is also the tissue that gently wipes her weaping eyes.

Sisterhood is understanding her hurt and feeling her pain; And on those good days it is the benefit of gaining as she gains.

Sisterhood is supporting and encouraging her dreams; And letting her know what being a true friend really means.

Sisterhood is loving her past all of her flaws; And giving her the push to overcome them all.

Sisterhood is supporting the decisions she makes; And giving her advice when she doesn’t have a clue which path to take.

Sisterhood is being honest and telling her when to stop and start; Sisterhood is teaching her to trust the Lord with all her heart!

Sisterhood is praying for her when she can’t pray for herself; And giving her a lending hand even when she doesn’t ask for your help.

Sisterhood is loving her beyond her mistakes and passed her dirt; And caring enough about to teach her her true worth.

Sisterhood is forgiving her when she’s been a bit grumpy and mean; and teaching her what loving her like a sister really means.

A sister is your homie, your girl, and your best friend… Sisterhood is being there for her until the very very end.

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

***Thank you for being my sisters; Troinisha, Justice, Kanitra, Ravelle, Landy, Ashley and I AM ME! (And thank you I AM ME models -LOL)***

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