Stamped and Approved


Stamped and Approved

Ever felt like you needed approval to ensure you were doing something right? Needed someone to say congratulations or job well done? Desperately wanted someone to pat you on your back or give you a high five?

Well, what would you do if the stamp of approval never came? If no one ever congratulated you or gave you support? If no one was there to cheer you on during the race or to give you a hug after the final finish? What if no one was there to bid you farwell and to send well wishes your way? What if no one liked your pic or commented that you were #FLAWLESSLYFABULOUS? What if no one complimented how amazing you are and assured you that you’re on the right path? What if no one were there to sign off, seal, or deliver an approval. Just you waiting and waiting…

Worrying about being praised and waiting to receive positive affirmations from others can block your greatness. Sure a little recognition is a wonderful feeling! Who doesn’t like to receive awards and trophies? But what if those things didn’t exist or better yet, what if YOU just never earned those? If you’re basing your success off of what others praise or congratulate you for, you probably don’t feel as great when they don’t.

If no one cared, would you still feel comfortable doing what you are doing?
If no one told you congratulations, would you be happy about you new job?
If no one cheered for you as you walked across the stage, would you still walk?
If no one praised you for serving your community would you still serve?
If no one commended you for choosing to walk by God’s word, would you still walk?
If no one approved of your decisions, would you trust your gut and keep making them?

If no one signed…

If no one sealed…

If no one stamped and approved…

The reality is, you don’t need the signature, the peel and stick seal, the stamp or the approval! I don’t know who in their right mind came up with the idea that we needed those things to feel good about ourselves.

I can only imagine when Jesus prepared himself to give his life for our sins, how he didn’t need the world’s stamp of approval. He didn’t need anyone to congratulate him for doing what he knew he was called to do. He didn’t ask their permission nor did he need them to wish him well and fill his head with vain praises. He knew that what he was doing was right and that it was his task assigned by the Lord and that’s all the approval he needed.

I remember texting one of my mentees recently and encouraging her not to depend on the praises of others and recognition to make her feel good about herself. I explained to her that if she waited on everyone else to be pleased with what she was doing, she would never fulfil her purpose in life because ultimately she can’t please everyone every time. Similar to Jesus, she didn’t need anyone’s stamp of approval, all she needed was the Lord and for him to be pleased with her.

Stop waiting for folks to put a stamp on what you already know you’re doing right. For instance, if God called you to teach and your first grade class is the sharpest in the school be blessed in knowing that God is giving you his stamp of approval, even if no one ever honors you or congratulates you! If you were called to cook meals for those in need, be blessed in your ability to do what you can for them, even if no one ever praises you for your hard work.

I want to encourage you today to stop needing approval. This is especially meant for those of you fishing for a compliment, thriving off of the praises of others, and waiting around for someone to be proud of you, to STOP IT! Understand that you are doing a wonderful job if you’re doing what God has called you to do, and the only approval you need is from him!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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