One of my FAVORITE songs in the world is from Jill Scott’s Woman album and is entitled “Prepared”! For a while I was listening to it on repeat every day, but now I find myself singing it often. In the song, the Philadelphia native speaks of the PREPARATION for her MANIFESTATION. She describes her efforts to mend broken bridges, to end old habits, take better care of her body and how she is ultimately, “getting [her]self ready for what’s coming for [her]!” Later in the song, she references preparing herself for the interaction that she hopes to have with our Lord and savior at the end of her life.

The word prepared in itself means ready and able to be used. How many of you would be ready and able if a blessing came your way?

Seriously, if the opportunity came for you to to start the business of your dreams would you be ready to take advantage? If a promotion or a new job opportunity became available, would you be prepared to get the job? If you the Lord knocked on your door and was ready to bless you with the gift of knowing your purpose in life would you be prepared to answer it?

I can’t tell you how many opportunities have knocked on my door and I’ve missed for simply NOT being prepared!

When I AM ME was first founded the organization took off rather quickly! Before I knew it, we had over 100 members and we were growing more every day! Soon enough there were several young ladies from other universities across the state who were interested in chartering chapters at their schools. That was such a blessing and I remember feeling so excited about it! Problem was I wasn’t “READY”. In my mind it was way too soon to charter. I hadn’t prepared any official documents and/or made any real strategies for expansion. All that coming at once was extremely overwhelming, it was like a blessing and a curse at once. Needless to say, opportunities were lost during that time because I wasn’t prepared..

Lord knows I LOVE BEYONCE’! Although I’ve never been able to afford a concert ticket and I am not one of those stalker fans I still belong to the #BeyHive! YASSSSS HONEY BEY! Anywho, since I was younger, I have always dreamt of becoming a back up dancer for Mrs. Knowles-Carter. I used to say I if I got hired by the Queen I would basically STOP, DROP, and GO! (LOL) But the sad thing is is I’m in no shape to go anywhere with that lady if she paid me $1,000,000! I have not spent any time sharpening my dancing skills or really staying in shape in years! Just as quick as I’d get hired, I’d probably get fired because honey I am just not prepared…

My whole mindset changed when I met this young woman who worked at my internship last summer. She and I connected after only a few minutes and what was supposed to be four hours of me shadowing her and taking notes turned into one hour of job notes and three our hours of me taking notes about life from her! She said something that I will remember for all of my days, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” She explained it as meaning to always stay ten steps ahead and to be prepared!

Many of us say we want to do wonderful things in life! “I want to be a serial entrepreneur!” “I want to go to college” “I want to inspire millions”, but what are we doing to get ready for those opportunities?

We must begin working in the present to be prepared for our future. We can’t say we want to be serial entrepreneurs, but not have our business plans ready! Can’t say we want to dance for Queen Bey, but not be actively working to master our craft of dancing. Can’t receive purpose from the Lord into our lives if we haven’t prepared and opened ourselves up to receive it.

We must prepare and in advance and stay ready so we don’t have to get ready! Even though it’s impossible to be 100% prepared, but we should be making every effort to reach 99.9%!

If you take one step to prepare the Lord will carry you for the next two! When your manifestation comes honey, you’ve got to be ready to receive!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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