Big Girl Pants

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (Cor 13:11 KJV)

…I put on my BIG GIRL PANTS!

Now before I go into depth of the about why you should put them on, I want to first tell you all what it means to put on your BIG GIRL PANTS (or BIG BOY PANTS for the male readers)!

The phrase “put on your big girl pants” is associated with the potty training of a child. Once that child finally understands how to use the restroom rather than just going anytime and anyplace, they are usually permitted to rid themselves of their training pants. At that point they gain their big girl or big boy pants, thus giving them a sense of “growing up”.

In life sometimes we aren’t quite potty trained or let’s say ready to put on our big girl pants. We make messes and sometimes get ourselves caught up in them. We haven’t quite grasped and understanding of how to do things ourselves. And sometimes we even depend on others to get us out of the mess and to clean us up!

Okay, I’ll try another approach so ya’ll won’t think I’m simply speaking of poop! (-__- LOL)

Maybe instead of being potty trained let’s talk about riding our bikes… without training wheels. So in life, many of us haven’t quite learned how to ride our bikes without training wheels. We ride around with our feet on the ground to keep our balance. We depend on someone to hold the handle bar and to grip the back of the seat to keep us from falling. And sometimes we are afraid of the dangers of riding with two wheels that we aren’t willing to even give pedaling a try.

You see, whether its being potty trained or riding our bikes we haven’t grasped either of those tasks. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. Putting on your BIG GIRL PANTS simply means growing up.

It means taking responsibility for your actions, even when you are caught up in the mess! So what if you made a mess or you’re just in it. We’ve all been there. Own up to your part. Putting on those pants means being woman enough to admit your faults, apologize, and learn from them.

It means doing and learning things for yourself, other than solely relying on others! Sure, many of us still need the help of our parents or whomever we have in our corner and we always will. Putting on those pants means learning to do what you can do independently first and then relying on others only when you truly need help. It means not getting comfortable with simply depending on others, but taking the initiative to make things happen for yourself. There’s a sense of accomplishment that follows independence.

It means stepping out on Faith even when you’re afraid! Fear can be our worst enemy, especially when we fear ourselves. (Another blog for another day – LOL) But anywho, putting on those pants means having the faith that everything will work out for your good. Faith and fear cannot exist collectively; therefore, if you want those pants you’ve got to trust that there is no way you can ever fail. Sure you may ride the bike without training wheels, fall down, and scrape your knee, but you can get back up and keep going!

It means putting your mind to something and getting it done! Telling a little kid, “I know you can ride your bike without training wheels” is easier said than done, but it isn’t until they make a conscious decision to do it that they will succeed. Putting on those pants means that you have made the decision to “Adult”. You’re ready to grow up and to handle your business. It means that your mind is made up and nothing can stop you!

And lastly, it means understanding that you’ll never know everything, but there is something golden in learning! One of my favorite things about wearing my big girl pants is that I am constantly learning and with each lesson I grow up a little more! Asking questions and using your resources is a major key. Putting on this pants means being content with the fact that learning is a privilege and that you should absorb all that you can.

So there you have it, putting on those BIG GIRL PANTS means wayyy more than being potty trained! (LOL) It means putting away childish things and thoughts and understanding that you are constantly growing up! Mama told me to put on my BIG GIRL PANTS and I haven’t took them off since!

What are your BIG GIRL PANTS looking like?

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

***Leave a comment and give additional tips that you’ve learned from wearing your BIG GIRL PANTS. And if you’re still on the road to putting those pants on be sure to take notes so one day you can give tips to someone else!***

4 thoughts on “BIG GIRL PANTS

  1. Wonderfully written! I’d also add that it means moving with purpose. So many just make decisions unconsciously or just “go with the flow” of things but as I’ve heard quoted many times, “only dead fish swim with the currents.” And it is most promising and most secure to be led by God in everything you do. Society can steer us in all types of directions-usually the one that benefits it as a whole-but those who move with purpose seldom follow along with society. And from what I’ve observed, while not completely without struggle, they tend to be happier and more hopeful (and in the end successful) too because they know what direction they’re going and why and can trust the One leading it. 🙂 Again great post! Love you big girl!


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