God I Hear You, But I'm Not Listening!


God I Hear You, But I’m Not Listening

Ever knew God was telling you to do something, but you just refused to listen?

In grade school I learned the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is simply a sense. Many of us can hear naturally and it’s not something that we have to focus on in order to do. Listening rather is something in which we must be conscious and aware. During the listening process, we must actively translate sounds in order to understand the meanings of what we have heard.

Ever hear God tell you to do something but you don’t want to listen? He may say, “Break up with ol’ dude, he’s no good for you!” Or “Stay out of that club twerking to those rap songs with mini skirts on! Your body is too precious to be on display!” Or how about “Call your Dad and mend that relationship!” Or one better “Give up some of your tv and social media time to read my word and spend time with me!”

And we say, “Yeah Lord I hear you, but I’m not listening!..

I’m not ready to give up my man, I love him!

I’m not going to stop twerking to Yo Gotti, he’s reppin’ my city!

My Daddy ain’t never loved me, forget him!

And I’m not willing to give up Empire tonight! That’s MY SHOW!”

I’ve been there done that! Taking God for granted! I even got to a point where I’d try to play Him like He was crazy when He’d show me a sign! For instance, I’d pray about something like quitting a job and during my prayer I’d say, “Lord show me a sign so I can know what I need to do!” Within the next few weeks He’d show me all the reasons why I needed to quit. Maybe my hours would get cut or I’d be wayyy too overwhelmed or something like that! All the signs would be more than clear for even me to see with astigmatism in one of my eyes! (LOL) Anywho, I’d play Him crazy by asking, “Lord are you sure these 1000 signs are from you? I don’t want to make the wrong decision if this isn’t what you want me to do!” Knowing goodness well what He was telling me to do, but I wasn’t listening! I didn’t want to hear Him so I played ‘confused and unsure’.

Playing games when God tells you to do something is like playing with your fate. Trust me honey, I know! And even recently when God told me to do something I had every excuse in the world why I couldn’t do it. The time wasn’t right that day! My outfit wasn’t cute enough! Shoot even the weather wasn’t right! (LOL) I just didn’t want to do it so again I tried to play Him crazy, like he didn’t know what I was doing!-__-

But He knew! He knew that I didn’t want to surrender. He knew that I was playing games. He knew that I’d put it off. And He knew that I would need Him before it was all said and done.

I say all of that to say, God didn’t rush me into listening. He gave me all of the tools I needed to listen and all the signs to comprehend and understand what He was instructing me to do. It was up to me to chose to trust Him and listen or to do things my way.

I chose to listen… And I can’t even publicly reveal just yet the blessings that He’s provided since. So today I encourage you all to listen to what God is telling you to do! It’s easier than it sounds, but simply knowing your soul is saved because of your obedience is more than enough of a benefit. Many of us are so consumed with doing it our way and not giving up our old for the newness of God. I’m a living witness, when you listen to God and trust him, surrendering whatever it is that he’s bidding you to do, He will bless you!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V in Virtue”

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