Son Shine Smiles


Son Shine Smiles

I remember driving one day with my mind all over the place! Worried about this… Contemplating that… Fearful about this… Stressed about that! Barely pushing the pedal with Kirk Franklin playing in the background. Just hoping for a miracle! Whole life full of chaos, feeling consumed by the worries of the world and ready to throw in the towel! I was tired of being burdened down with trials and tribulations and just ready to see a light… And then the Son smiled.

I can also recall several times when life was all good and I wasn’t really worried or pressed about anything. I was just crusing and listening to the melodic Jill Scott or India Arie. Everything was going according to plan and all was falling into place. These were the times when I was feeling well prepared and more than capable of making it through! I was at ease and could see the light at the end of the tunnel… And then the Son smiled.

Then there were the times when I was really feeling myself! Times when I was heavily motivated and ready to conquer the world! Driving in the fast lane listening to Beyonce’ and feeling like I was the best thing since sliced bread! (As all women should feel about themselves! – LOL) But anywho, just on cloud 1000. Finally at the end of the tunnel in the light and feeling it… And then the Son smiled.

I can recall both my Mommy and Grandmother Gwendolyn telling me that when a random sun ray shines upon you, it’s God’s way of assuring you that everything will be alright!

Crazy thing is, they told me this at different times, in different years, and without having known the other person said the same thing! By the second time I heard it I thought, “Wow! This must really be true!” It always felt like the sun would open its big mouth and smile down upon me and give me comfort and peace from the Son above!

So now, whenever I’m driving and a sun ray shines on me I feel extremely blessed. No matter if I’m down in the dumps or in the high hills of life, no matter what I’m listening to on the radio, no matter what may be going on, I pause and thank the Lord. Every time I feel the Son smile I feel surrounded with peace and the presence of God. Son smiles warm my soul and assure me that there is a light at the end of the road.

So next time you feel the Son smile on you, be comforted in knowing that you’re never alone and the Son is standing by.

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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