Stay in Your Lane


Stay in Your Lane

I love talking to my Daddy! He’s probably the craziest person I know for hilarious old man sayings! One in particular, that he is well known for is the famous, “Stay in your lane!”

I find it funny that he typically uses this phrase as a means of putting someone in their place who is out of line. Whether it be one of his kids or a random man in the street, my daddy will let anyone know! (LOL)

As for me, I’ve learned to use the phrase for more than just checking someone!
In my opinion, stay in your lane means to simply ride out your life in the lane that you’re in, being content and mastering the things your good at! Whew that was a lot, but allow me to explain!

Honey, I had to learn how to stay in my lane in relation to doing what I’m good at! Many of you can relate I’m sure!

In an attempt to try to discover my purpose in life I once found myself trying to do things that I know I’m not naturally good at! For instance, I remember being in high school when it was announced that a cosmetology curriculum was coming to our school. That meant that students could take those classes and get certification towards credits in the field upon graduation. All at once, I dropped my little health science classes that I’d registered for and enrolled in the cosmetology classes! I just knew that I would become the hair dresser of Beyonce’ some day and own about 5 salons! I was going to be THE QUEEN OF HAIR SLAYING, but chile I barely knew how to flat iron let alone corn row! -__- Needless to say, hair wasn’t my thing. I was wayyyy out of my lane! I changed my classes back before the first day of school came!

When I first went to college my major was Journalism! I knew that’s what I wanted to do and even joked about having my own magazine called Mahogany! (It was going to be FYE! LOL) I knew writing was something I loved and was a natural at, but I talked myself out of it! I wasn’t content with it and thought, “who in their right mind wants to write all these papers in school… NOT I”! So I changed my major to Fashion Design, which lasted all of two semesters before I was pulling my hair out! After making three outfits I knew that was NOT the life for me! I was out of my lane again!

I was just swerving all over the place in and out of lanes trying to discover my purpose! I wasn’t content with doing the things I was good and as a result, I ended up in lanes that were made for other people who were on different paths than me.

Ever done that in life? You KNOW you’re not a natural artist, but you paint pictures like you’re trying to become Picasso? You know you’re not even stylish but you’re trying to be someone’s stylist? You know you don’t even like kids, but you’re trying to become a teacher? (Let’s be real about it!) We’ve all be there!

In and out of traffic, switching lanes like we switch weaves and still unhappy! Can’t figure out our purpose in life? Can’t seem to do one thing and stick with it? When someone asks you what you want to do with your life and you can’t even give a direct answer. Maybe you’re out of your lane!

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having several talents and gifts that you practice and work to perfect. There is also nothing wrong with being multifaceted and a “Jill of all trades!” There’s no harm in exploring different things to figure out what you should be doing with your life or to even learn new skills! Go for it! Trust me, I can relate; however, each of us has a lane that we are meant to ride in for the long haul! A path that we are meant to travel and to see the glory revealed within us. A trail that leads to the fulfillment of our final purpose that is ordained by God. It is only when we submit ourselves unto him that he will begin to reveal what that purpose is…

Many of us wander carelessly into the lanes of other folks! We don’t pay attention to the lines caution us against crossing, we pay no mind to the signs or the arrows bidding us to go straight and to remain in our own lanes. Instead, because we are trying to figure life out on our own and aren’t content with our natural gifts, we have to try out other lanes to see what’s right for us. Little do we know, we were in the right lane from the beginning!

If you stay in your lane and ride it out for a while you’ll find that your purpose was just down the road and it wasn’t two or three lanes over..

So I encourage you today to stay in your lane! Whatever it is that you are good at and whatever it is that the Lord has placed on your heart to do, do it! Don’t go looking into Briana, Victoria, or Jaylen’s lane trying to see what they have going on, just coast in your OWN LANE, you’ll get to your destination in due time!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V in Virtue”

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