For the LOVE of Mirrors


For the LOVE of Mirrors

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…”

I don’t know why I’m always confessing things on my blog posts (LOL), but here’s another one… Every time I walk passed a mirror, I look at myself! It can be a restroom mirror, a hall way mirror, or a random mirror in a store! Even in things that aren’t technically mirrors like car and store windows, I’m always looking! It doesn’t even matter. I love looking at myself!

And no, it’s not because I’m conceited (okay maybe a little – LOL)! More like super confident! But would you believe me if I told you that once upon a time I didn’t like mirrors?

Mirrors showed my blemishes like my lazy eye and my crooked teeth. Mirrors showed my little pie face and my flat forehead. Mirrors showed my big ol’ booty and the little pudge in my stomach after every meal. Everything about me that I was self-conscious about could be seen in a mirror and I could not stand it!

It took me growing up a bit to realize that mirrors weren’t the problem, I WAS! I was my own worst enemy, the judge of my own imperfections. I hated myself for things that I couldn’t change and some that could, but never did. But how was that the mirror’s fault? Right, it wasn’t!

Slowly but surely, the mirror became my friend instead of my enemy!

Through the mirror, I learned to love those same blemishes in my skin. Through the mirror, I changed my perception about the things I once disliked about myself! I learned to value my uniqueness and go have confidence in myself because of the mirror. I chose to have positive and loving thoughts instead of hateful ones. I still give myself positive affirmations in the mirror to this day! Looking in the mirror truly made me love me!

I learned to take responsibility for my actions because of the mirror. I couldn’t bare looking at myself after making horrible mistakes. Looking in the mirror made me see myself for who I was and clean up the things about me that weren’t right!

I learned to appreciate my presence on this earth because of the mirror! Someone was always watching me so I had to live a life that would be inspirational to them; therefore, I had to learn to value my own presence on this earth, which I learned from the mirror!

I’m sure you understand why I LOVE mirrors now!

If you know a young lady or a woman struggling with self-confidence, give her a mirror! Teach her to love herself from the inside out by seeing her reflection in that mirror! And even if the person struggling is you, I want to encourage you to look in the mirror and love yourself! Accept the things you can’t change, have courage to change what you can, and be wise enough to know the difference (The Serenity Prayer), in all things being confident!

You’ve got to believe that you are the fairest of them all! Do you love mirrors yet?

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V in Virtue”

2 thoughts on “For the LOVE of Mirrors

  1. Great message. The two lines that I will remember: “I had to learn to value my own presence on this earth” and “Teach her to love herself from the inside out”.


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