I remember being six years old and struggling with Asthma. I would have frequent attacks and it seemed like my poor little lungs just could not get it together! My mommy would often rush me to my great aunt’s house to use her breathing machine, but one night in particular it was way beyond anything a simple house visit cure. I remember going into my mommy’s room in the middle of the night and tying my hardest to speak. I wanted her to know that I couldn’t catch my breath, but my oxygen was so low that nothing would come out. She immediately got my sister and I dressed and hurried to get me to the emergency room! Once the nurse saw my little limp body, she rushed me through to triage and before I knew it I had a week long stay in the penthouse suite! (LOL – JK it surely wasn’t a penthouse!) My memory fades me now, but I will never forget the doctor telling my mom if she wouldn’t have brought me to the hospital I would’ve died in my sleep… but still,  I had my heartbeat!

At thirteen, I remember celebrating the fourth birthday of my baby sister! Each year there was a large celebration in her honor and we always had a blast! Little did we know, this year in particular would go down in history. Long story short, we returned home to find our upstairs neighbors viciously arguing with a random man in the parking lot. As their tension heated up so did their triggers, resulting in about five stray bullets and the shooting of three uninvolved teens. It wasn’t until after I’d gotten my little sister and I out of the ring of fire that I even realized I’d been shot and in turn saved her life. I will never forget the doctor being confused at the location of the entry and exit bullet wounds of my older sister and I. A single bullet went into both of our legs and curved almost exactly the same in each of us, missing all of our major veins and arteries and even our bones. I’ll say it again, a single bullet curved TWICE! Ever known a billet to do that? Probably not! It was a miracle they said… and still, I had my heartbeat!

Lastly, I’ll reference the worse car accident I’d ever been in and one of the scariest experiences of my life. At twenty-two, I remember being mid conversation about avoiding a random drunk driver who swerved in and out on the road ahead and suddenly… BOOM! The car lunged forward! It smashed against the cemented guard rail several times, each time banging my head into the window! I remember covering my face (because I’ve always said I wanted to die cute – LOL – Do not judge me!) because I literally thought I was dying! I prayed so loudly in my head “Lord please forgive me for my sins!” hoping for the chance to make things right with him one last time! Finally, the car stopped! I opened my eyes and let out the loudest scream ever! Once getting out of the car (and still screaming -__-) I saw the horrible damages to the car. I was so weak that I could not even stand! I could’ve lost my life in the back seat of that Cadillac… but somehow I still had my heartbeat!

I could go on and on and I’m sure if you think back a little bit you can recall a time as such in your life. A time where death was knocking on your door or riding with you in the backseat. A time where the results of a certain situation were unexplainable, thus deemed a miracle. A time when someone counted you out, but put their hand on your pulse and felt the beating of your heart.. All times where the good Lord kept you!

lub-Dub! The journey wasn’t over!

lub-Dub! The task wan’t complete!

lub-Dub! The purpose wasn’t fulfilled!

So the heart continued to beat!

Every breath you take is a gift from God! Don’t take it lightly that you’ve been spared, you were called here for a certain purpose and your heartbeat means that you haven’t completed it..

So place your hand on your chest, feel your HEARTBEAT and get to work! You aren’t quite finished yet!

Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

9 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. These are so positive to read girl ! Keep up the good work. I love seeing the beautiful woman you have grown to be flourish 🙂


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