Welcome to Wherever You Are


I remember one of my favorite English teachers in high school had a poster in her classroom that read, “Welcome to Wherever You Are”! I would see it each time I attended her class and I often wondered what it really meant. Finally, I settled upon it just being her way of welcoming us to class each day, but considering I am a little older and wiser now I believe the meaning was much deeper than that!


The phrase in itself signifies the current tense, the present, the here and the now! Some may relate it wth being where they are located presently while reading this post, but let’s consider it from the perspective of being wherever you are in life!

Some of you may be working jobs you severely dislike… working for the man every night and day like Tina.

Some of you may be paying the consequences of making the same mistakes over and over again… chasing the fool’s gold like Jilly from Philly.

You may feel like you’re not quite where you want to be in life in comparison to those around you… beginning to feel a little out of formation and needing a word from Beyonce’.

Maybe you’re feeling a little sad and sorry for yourself or a little guilty for something you did to someone else… like Outkast felt towards Mrs. Jackson.

Or some of you are feeling like your life is at a halt… bound and shackled like Mary Mary.

I could go on and on, but I am sure y’all get the point!

No matter where you are, WELCOME TO THAT PLACE!

Sure it’s hard to work a job you don’t like, but until another opportunity opens up work that job like its the best job ever! WELCOME TO WORK!

I understand that you may be upset because your foolish actions didn’t go as planned THIS TIME around! Learn from those mistakes and change your habits! WELCOME TO WISDOM!

Still not where you want to be “in formation” with the life of others? Duhhhh, that’s because your journey is unique and you can’t compare your success to others’. What is for you will be for you no matter what other people have going on, so mind your business and stop comparing your stuff to theirs! WELCOME TO YOUR JOURNEY!

Needing to apologize for something you did? Do it and get it over with, no need to be writing a song about it! (Even if the song is a hit!) Say you’re sorry and then forgive yourself whether they accept it or not! WELCOME TO FORGIVENESS!

Lastly honey, let those shackles go! You can’t fix everything or control everything, but you can keep positive outlook on life! Let it go! Whatever little Billy did you you (I think his name was David last night, but whatever – LOL) Let it go! Free yourself from those things keeping you down! WELCOME TO FREEDOM!

Welcome to this place! The here and now! This current season! The present tense!

Embrace wherever you are in this life! Trust that the troubles of this present will not last forever and one day you’ll understand why you ever had to go through these things! It’s amazing what time will heal and what tests of the present become TESTtimonies in the future!

Some day soon you’ll be the one WELCOMING someone else TO WHEREVER they are!

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue

***Thank you Mrs. Bratten-DiCiaula!!!***

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