Finders Keepers


Ever heard the saying, “Finders keepers, losers weepers!”? Ever considered that it relates to more than just the tangible things in life? For example, you lose a dollar or your favorite ink pen and someone else finds it, whoopty doo for them! Who really cares? Those are physical things, capable of being touched and replaced… But have you ever experienced losing something that can’t directly be touched? Like your power… your mind, or your spirit? Then having someone else to find it and keep it?

For those of you having a difficult time understanding I’ll keep this one short and sweet! (Everyone knows I’m long winded! -LOL)

Simply put, we make many efforts to guard things that are tactile. We lock our cars, we put our money in a bank, we store our jewelry in safes and locked boxes. If it is something of value to us we take the necessary precautions to keep it safe! The sad thing is, we often don’t take these precautions for our mind and emotions or even our spirit. We carelessly leave these things laying around and unsecured.

Ever been negligent with your mind? Allowing others to think for you and needing permission before making decisions? Valuing their opinions so much that you find yourself asking questions like, “How should I wear my hair?” or “Such and such said this, what should I say back to them?” You may have given these people the power over your mind! Sure, it’s okay to seek advice from others wiser than you or who have overcome things that you are currently experiencing; however, you don’t need others to constantly make up your mind for you. God gave you the ability to think for yourself and the power of a sound mind, FIND IT AND KEEP IT!

Or maybe it was your emotions? Have you ever allowed other people to provoke you into feeling “some type of way”! Struggling in battle with emotions like anger, wrath, misery, and sadness? Lil David broke your heart, now you want to key and shatter the windows out of his car. Or Shaniqua called you a “b-word” and now you want to knock her teeth out…! We’ve all be there! Allowing other people to control how we feel and how we react to situations. Yes we are human, capable of feeling both happiness and pain, but it isn’t until we realize that our joy comes from the Lord that we are in control of our feelings and reactions! It is then that we will even capable of having the power to FIND and KEEP our emotions under control!

How about your spirit? Been opening yourself up up the wills of the world? Allowing other nouns to influence your relationship with the Lord. Giving in to the temptations of this life because your worldly desires seem more rewarding? Finding yourself further and further out of the realm of God and battling spiritual things like addiction and other sin by yourself. Letting other people pressure you into doing things that you know aren’t right or being negatively intertwined or tied to them spiritually. Before you know it you look, talk, walk, and even smell like them! Chileeeee, you must realize that not every battle is against the flesh, but that there is an ever present spiritual war going on too! Souls are being lost every day! You’ve got to gaurd and protect  your spirit and the things that you allow to enter into it! If yours belongs to the Lord, FIND your and KEEP it safe for him!

Whether mental and emotional, spiritual or even physical, allowing other people and things to have dominion of you gives them your power! Can’t be happy because you’re basing your happiness off of the presence or opinion of someone else.. Can’t be content because you’re constantly comparing your journey with that of others and aren’t satisfied with what you have… Can’t follow your dreams because you’re too worried about what others will say about you…

If you don’t find your power someone else will and you will become a slave to them, similar to a puppet under their control!

So it’s high time we STOP being careless with out stuff!!! The time is now to FIND your power, snatch it from whoever you let take it from you, lock it up, AND KEEP it safe!


By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”



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