The Price of Social Media: Are We Really LIVING?


I HAVE A CONFESSION!!! I used to be addicted to social media! Literally! I needed my fix morning, noon, and night! I’d browse from app to app and I was always sharing my every move, every accomplishment, every thought! And when I didn’t have anything to share or I just felt like being nosy, I would end up on someone else’s page! I’d snoop through all of their pictures and even sometimes find their friends and snoop on their pages too!

Now don’t you go judging me, I’m definitely no creep! (LOL) I simply struggled with “The need to be in the know” or in other words “The fear of missing out”! I hated to be the last one to get the headlines and always had to have the scoop, the word on the street, the latest and greatest breaking news! And on top of that I had to be the one sharing the news too!

It became a BIG issue! Social media was taking over my life! If I had a break for two minutes I would have to check my social media! Alternating between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Groupme, and whatever else was new! You name it, I had it! Suddenly, two minutes would turn to three and three to four and eventually I’d waste hours on “the scoop”!

I took some time off, “a vacation” if you will, after graduating from college and those were some of the longest spent days surfing the web! It wasn’t until I considered the fact life was literally passing me by that I even realized my issue! Understanding that it was a problem motivated me to change my habit! I challenged myself to a 21 day cleanse to break my “addiction” (or excessive use) of social media! For 21 days I didn’t log on, tweet, snoop, surf, or post! I even deleted the apps just to be sure I wouldn’t tempt myself and the results… We will get to that, but for now ask yourself this question:

Have I ever considered the price I pay for social media?

No? Well, allow me to enlighten you!

Wasted Time/Productivity: As I mentioned earlier time was the first to go! I’d take a few minutes for social media and before I knew it I would have wasted hours! Don’t believe me? Time yourself! In school I’d take breaks from “studying” to check my apps and geez I’d be on there forever! The average person spends over an hour and a half on social media each day. There are sooooo many things I could think of doing if I had an extra hour let along a hour and a half each day! What could you do with that kind of time?

Interpersonal Skills: Studies show that social media and gaming are making people lose our soft, interpersonal skills! Side note: I remember this boy I had a crush on in high school! I gave him my cell number and texted him over one weekend! All seemed to be going well until we got to school on Monday. I walked right passed him and he walked passed me! (LOL -Not because we didn’t know each other! We did!) Neither of us had the courage to even talk in person! Needless to say, we had no interpersonal skills! Lots of people post and talk BIG on social media and seeing them in person is almost a let down because they are not who they “POST-To-Be”! As you can see, I’ve been that girl! HA! Didn’t even know how to talk to ol’ dude! Lol But that’s another post for another day! Know anyone like that? Is it you?

Actually Living: Ever went somewhere with someone and they couldn’t get off their phone? Posting everything! Nowadays apps like Snapchat are the worst! They encourage people to post at-every-second-of-every-day! -__- I used to share EVERYTHING! “Here’s my dinner” (Insert Picture) “Here’s me doing community service! Aren’t I just the most fabulous servant!” (Insert Picture) & oh this might hurt some feelings, “Here’s what bae bought me for Valentine’s Day!” (Tag bae in about 5 pics and wonder why folks in bae’s dms? – Sips Tea!) But child that’s another post for another day too! (LOL) The point of the matter is we are soooo consumed with sharing that we can’t truly enjoy life! Trust when I say I’m speaking from experience! I used to post sooooo much that I couldn’t even make memories in the present! I have missed out on the adventures of traveling and trying new things while they were actually happening because of social media! If I experienced it, I had to share it! It’s like I wanted everyone to be there with me so I posted EVERYTHING! One could say I was wayyyy too generous with my life! Are you being too kind and sharing too much? -__-

Though the apps are free (for the most part) there is a price we pay! My 21-Day cleanse allowed me to break my habit of excessive social media usage and invest my time and energy into other things like reading my bible and other books, exercising, and planning for my future! During my cleanse I learned more about myself and I made some FABULOUS memories! Now don’t get me wrong social media can be used for great things like keeping in touch with those in distance places and branding yourself! I plan to use social media for those things as well, but the key takeaway here is MODERATION!

Consider this, if you’re not sewing into yourself because you don’t have “time”, but you’re on social media 24/7… check the price tag! If you’re bold on the keyboard, but shy in the presence of others… check the price tag! If you’re mad because someone stole your caption or pose… check the price tag! If before you tell someone about your vacation they already have all the details… check the price tag! What is the price that you’re paying for social media…? I don’t know about you, but I’m cheap! 🙂

 By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. in Virtue”

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