Time Waits…



Ever had something that you really wanted or needed to get done, but you put it off? You probably said to yourself, “I can do it tomorrow”, “I’ve got time” or something along those lines. Speaking as if tomorrow is promised. As if tomorrow is guaranteed.

“Maybe I’ll get a job tomorrow”

“Maybe I’ll go back to school tomorrow”

“Maybe I’ll go to church next Sunday, not today”

“Maybe I’ll apologize later”

“I don’t feel like it right now, maybe later”

Ever thought about if later wasn’t coming? What if this was it? What if this very second was all the time you had? Would you be content with the legacy of your life?

Procrastination, though sometimes is a form of positive pressure, can have a very negative effect on your life. Understand that my intent is not to bash you or make you feel horrible about your procrastination habits, but rather to open your eyes. To bring awareness to the fact that you will never reach your fullest potential or truly know how much you can accomplish if you put everything off until “later”.

I haven’t posted to my blog in over a month, for one reason or another. But what if a message that I had on my heart to post could’ve helped someone else? Well, I will never know because I didn’t post it. You see, I too sometimes struggle with procrastination and sometimes it overtakes me. BUT the realization that my purpose is greater than my being is what gets me in line when I stray and also what helps to keep me on track. My time is limited too..

I remember the 90s film entitled House Party 2. I used to watch it as a kid and one of the main quotes throughout the entire film was “Time waits for no man”. I didn’t understand what it meant as a child, but now I am much more familiar with its meaning. You see, we as human beings have the tendency to expect tomorrow. We go to sleep at night and expect to wake up. Like God owes us something. Like he’s automatically going to grant us another day. And we live each day like we will make it to the end of that day.

Will we not realize the truth about tomorrow not being promised until our last day is over…? What are we waiting for? Why is it that so many people have to experience death in some form before we appreciate life?

“I’ll call my mom tomorrow!” Time won’t wait for tomorrow so you can call her.

“I’ll start writing my book next week” Time won’t wait for next week so you can start your book.

“I’ll volunteer tomorrow.” Time won’t wait for tomorrow so you can serve the needs of others.

“I have plenty of time to study” Time won’t wait for you to study before the test date comes.

I think you all get the point by now, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”! Get up out of the bed. Get out of your slump. Get up! Get out! Get it done!

Your purpose is greater than you, your life is valuable, and your time is valuable. Make a conscious effort to appreciate life today! To live for today!There are people who need to hear from you today. There are people who need to see you today. There are things you need to accomplish today… it may be your last chance, your last day… and time just won’t wait.

Time waits…. for no man.

By: Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. In Virtue”

09/11/2001 – Always in my heart!


2 thoughts on “Time Waits…

  1. Verinique,
    What a wonderful message! No one knows exactly how much time they have and there is no time like the present to do and say what is needed. Keep up the good work.


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