"On to the Next Ones…"



Having a goal driven and determined mindset has been one of my most rewarding and most challenging qualities. Achievers, like myself, struggle with balancing our need for accomplishment with the celebration of our success. Being that we have a self-motivated focus, after accomplishing one goal we tend to move on to the next without really acknowledging the success of the present!

One day as I sat in the cubical at my internship planning out my future I made a “To-Do List” of everything I needed to accomplish before the year was up. Before I knew it, I’d written a full page of tasks, most of which were personal projects of mine that would each take well over a week to complete.

I began to feel a bit stressed and over whelmed thinking, “How in the world will I ever fester up enough time to do all of these things?” As I meditated, I vowed that I would get these tasks completed and nothing or no one could stand in my way! Ha! There it was, my unyielding determination and self-motivation. Both of which are two of the truest qualities of an achiever.

I reflected back to winning one of my biggest awards thus far, Middle Tennessee State University’s Most Outstanding Woman Student of the Year! It was such a great honor for me to win that award at a university with over 21,000 enrolled students. In that very moment, I was so anxious to achieve something greater that in my post on social media I actually stated, “It’s time to work on the next ones!” Wow! It wasn’t at all that I was ungrateful for winning the award, it’s just that my enthusiasm and excitement for what lied ahead motivated me to continue working hard. It never occurred to me that I had not paused to celebrate my win.

For others who are achievers, I’m sure you can relate to feeling the need to keep busy and the consistent eagerness to do more! Success to an achiever is like the fuel to our flames. With each win, we are pushed to do more and more and more. Thus, our reward is in that of the gain and we don’t require much recognition, praise, or celebration.

This same reward can present a challenge for an achiever because we become so consumed with the next goal that we forget to truly recognize the win that we have already received. We are almost addicted to the energy that we get from committing to several things at once and persevering in each of those tasks until the very end. But is there really an end if we don’t really acknowledge it?

The test for achievers is to not be so anxious to move on to the next thing that we forget to celebrate ourselves and to enjoy the wins of life. The challenge for achievers is to do the following:

1. Record Each Success: Create a method of keeping track of your accomplishments! This will not only motivate you to do more, but it too will allow you to recognize the things that you have already done.

2. Take A Moment to Reflect: Whether at the beginning or ending of each day, plan a few moments to reflect on your success! Thinking positively about those things will allow you to feel more propelled to work on your next projects and more appreciative of how far you’ve already come.

3. Celebrate Each Accomplishment: Big or small celebrate them all! Buy yourself something, take a day off, or even throw yourself a private party! It’s important to add the balance of celebration to your life in order to truly enjoy it and your success!

Driven by our goals and the need to accomplish the things that lie ahead, we achievers must not forget to take a moment to enjoy life and appreciate our accomplishments, even if just for a moment! By the time you finish celebrating you’ll be ready to get back to working on your goals!

By Verinique D. Bailey, “The V. In Virtue”

5 thoughts on “"On to the Next Ones…"

  1. This is such a genuine thing most goal oriented folks struggle with! Totally agree with your points to reflect and be grateful with each passing victory!

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